How To Celebrate World Vegan Day

For vegans, every day is a celebration plant-based diets. But, Nov. 1 rolls around, it is worth taking a little extra effort to think of ways to celebrate World Vegan Day. This special day honors a cruelty-free lifestyle, and all the reasons why vegans choose to adapt it. Plus, it is also a wonderful chance for individuals to highlight everything they love about veganism.

Of course, World Vegan Day is not just for vegans. Meals without animal products can be enjoyed by anyone who is willing to try it. This is especially ideal for those who simply love a great meal and are eager to try new things. After all, tasty vegan cuisine requires a great deal of innovation to create meals that mainstream society typically makes with animal ingredients. You can’t deny how awesome that is.

Simultaneously, delicious vegan eats are also quite simple. Veganism embraces the Earth and what it has to offer. Basic ingredients like vegetables and rice can be the main components of a mouthwatering meal. It comes down to clever preparation to fulfill your taste buds and nutritional needs — something veganism is known for.

Whether you are a long-time vegan, thinking about becoming a vegan, or a foodie who just appreciates the cruelty-free lifestyle, take a minute to prep for this wonderful holiday.

1. Expand Your Vegan Knowledge

You can never know enough about one topic. Fuel your vegan knowledge by checking out a new book, watching a documentary, or reading up on the latest research. Take it up a notch by learning about opposing theories and views; this will ensure that you have a well-rounded approach to this dietary lifestyle.

2. Try A New Vegan Recipe

Thanks to the Internet, recipes are just a click or two away. Celebrate World Vegan Day by scoping out a new recipe or two (there are some great ones here). This is especially ideal if you tend to stick to the same meals on a weekly basis. Remember, Pinterest is your friend.

3. Experiment With A Vegan Technique

Veganism is all about creativity. It takes so much imagination to work around the ingredients and foods that are readily available in our culture. This year, take some time to research a cooking or baking technique that you haven't tried yet. It can be anything from using cashews in "nacho cheeze" to adding dates to a "fudge" recipe.

4. Cook For Non-Vegans

While you're at it, share your delicious grub with people who typically do not eat vegan meals. This can be anyone from your co-workers to your classmates. It's an awesome way to share a little piece of your world. It's a lovely way to spread awareness, too.

5. Visit A Farm

Veganism is all about honoring the Earth and loving animals. What better way to celebrate World Vegan Day then spending time with those two things? Consider volunteering at a local farm or urban garden. You can also show support by taking a tour or buying the organization's products.

6. Make A Vegan Beauty Product

It goes without saying that veganism doesn't stop at the food on your plate. The products that you put on your body make a difference, too. And since homemade beauty products are all about the "real" stuff, there's a good chance that you already have ingredients in your own kitchen. Start with something simple, like mixing lavender oil with coconut oil to make a luscious shaving cream.

7. Share An Article

Despite its negative reputation, social media is a wonderful outlet for spreading information, thoughts, and news. Spread the vegan love by posting an educational article or fact on your social media accounts. Open up the door for discussion in case any of your friends or family are interested. Ultimately, World Vegan Day provides the perfect opportunity to share (not preach) your views.

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