11 People Missing From The 'Gilmore Girls' Trailer

While it was easy to get caught up in the euphoria of the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life official trailer premiering, I'm here to reel you back in. Yes, the promo for the Netflix revival was a beautiful combination of all the things fans adored about the original series with pop culture references, food, and the girls, but there were still some characters missing from the Gilmore Girls trailer and I must address this fact. If you were anything like me, you may have wondered where the heck Christopher was upon your umpteenth time watching the trailer and it turns out that Rory's dad wasn't the only character not to appear.

As Team Jess inevitably noticed, some characters were featured more prominently than others — ahem, sorry, Dean and Logan. Of course, Lorelai, Rory, Emily, and Luke were major players in the trailer and many members of the town of Stars Hollow got their time to shine too, like Kirk, Taylor, Babette, Gypsy, and even Sophie (aka Carole King!). With Entertainment Weekly confirming back in April that 37 actors from the original Gilmore Girls would be returning for the revival, understandably (but not forgivably) a few were missing. Yet, the trailer somehow made time to include new characters and I would have much preferred a full-on assault of nostalgia.

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The following list is not exhaustive by any means, but here are 11 of the more notable people missing from the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life trailer.


Wherefore art thou, Christopher? I may not have approved of his marriage to Lorelai in Season 7, but I still gotta admit that Rory's dad should probably be in their lives.


Sookie was shown in her typical habitat of the kitchen, so perhaps Jackson was too busy with their children to be in the trailer. Just think how old the Belleville kids are now!

Mrs. Kim

Considering how briefly Lane was shown, I guess it's not surprising that her strict mother wasn't featured. Plus, Mrs. Kim doesn't have time for such shenanigans as trailers.


Speaking of Lane, her husband and father of her twins wasn't in the trailer. That's so bogus, dude.


Continuing on the Lane train, her featured moment was her playing drums, which means there most certainly will be a Hep Alien reunion. Sebastian Bach's Gil wasn't in the trailer, but he is sure to be front and center for the band's performance.


Rounding out the ranks of Hep Alien would be Brian, who predictably didn't get any love in the trailer either.

The Town Troubadour

No offense, Hep Alien, but the town troubadour was perhaps the most important musician to ever grace Stars Hallow. Grant Lee Phillips will be serenading his way through the streets in the revival, but he didn't lend his talents to the trailer.


Like Lane, Rory's other friend — the infamous Paris — only briefly appeared in the trailer, which helps explain why Paris' love interest Doyle wasn't shown. Although, I'm not sure I can handle it if this pair is still together.

Paul Anka

EW confirmed that Paul Anka the dog would be returning and while Lorelai's dog's telltale bark was heard in a previous tease, he was nowhere to be found in the latest trailer.


There was the slightest moment when Luke was seen handing off a check to a person who could be Caesar, but I think that Luke's most devoted employee deserved a little more screen time than that.


Last but not least, where was Luke's daughter April? Perhaps the powers that be decided that this controversial character should keep her distance for now.

Although it's disappointing that fans didn't catch a glimpse of these characters in the trailer, they are all still guaranteed to be in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, so you'll just have to wait until Nov. 25 to see their faces.

Editor's Note: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the character of Miss Patty was not in the trailer, but she was featured working at a table for Stars Hollow: The Musical alongside Babette.

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