5 Lies (& Maybe Truths) About 'The Mindy Project'

Having already seen the first new episode of FOX's The Mindy Project since Mindy and Danny's big moment after the world's worst hiatus, there's one thing we can say with certainty: fans of the Mindy Kaling-fronted series are going to have some feelings. And, if their rabid fanbase is any indication, those feels will be of the strong variety. Because as we saw in the last episode: ohmygodohmygod Mindy and Danny have KISSED, you guys. And it was sorta hot, and pretty great that the will-they won't-they back and forth has been put to rest. Turns out: they will! At least for now.

Which is why we're going to spread a bunch of lies — we prefer to call them hypothetical truths, lovingly crafted from a place of speculative fanlove — about what you can expect from those first few moments of the show's return in order to get you excited. (As if those sneaky photos weren't enough.) And, heck, one or two of them might even be real. But you'll have to tune into the series yourself to figure out the answer.

So what can you expect from the premiere episode of The Mindy Project? And what the heck happened after that damned kiss?! Read on and find out (maybe. Ish).

  • Following the heavy turbulence that brought them together in the first place, the captain declares that the plane must re-route back to Los Angeles because of a malfunction with the plane. Mindy and Danny spend the night in Los Angeles making love and decisions about their new future together. They might even set up a new practice in L.A.!
  • Mindy decides that the kiss was a mistake and immediately goes back to Cliff, sending Danny into a confusing tailspin of emotional neurosis. He throws himself into a new hobby, miniatures, to take his mind off the whole thing, eventually baking an entire mini village of cantankerous gingerbread men.
  • After deciding to never speak of The Kiss again, Mindy and Danny return home like nothing ever happened. That's when new guest star Anna Gunn arrives on the scene and instantly, her chemistry with Dr. Castellano is through the roof. Already accomplished in her work, her love live is struggling, so she's got her sights set on one dude. Mindy, seeing her professional role model going for him causes a moment of reflection: wait — does Mindy love Danny? Reflection ensues.
  • Taking their make-out to somewhere a bit more private, Mindy and Danny head to the bathroom and really just go at it. So much so that, mid-kiss, Mindy ends up tumbling out the airplane's bathroom door. She recoups, though, and they get right back to work... until Danny accidentally flushes Mindy's hair down the toilet. Woops!
  • Mindy and Danny's make-out goes from the plane, to the airport, to the taxi, to the front door of Schulman & Associates, where the duo publicly proclaim their love to the office. This sends Morgan into a tailspin of joy — he immediately begins planning a secret office wedding and coerces Beverly to help out (she agrees but only if she can be the maid of honor and wear Marlee Matlin's 1986 Oscar dress, which she currently has in her possession and no, don't ask her about the how or the why). The rest of the office, though, is less keen: well, Tamra doesn't care, Peter tries to convince Danny that he still needs to sow his wild bro-oats, Jeremy thinks it's highly unprofessional and as the boss he fears he must take action, and Betsy, well. Oh, poor Betsy is heartbroken considering her not-so-secret crush on Dr. Castellano.

Which one's true? Which ones are lies? You'll have to tune in to find out.

Image: FOX