If Taylor Swift & Drake Are Recording Music Together, What Should Fans Expect?

Taylor Swift has had an incredibly busy 2016 so far. As if her relationship with Tom Hiddleston wasn't exciting enough (Hiddleswift, you are sorely missed by me), rumors that she may have moved on to dating Drake have erupted all over the internet since Hollywood Life reported that Swift attended Drake's 30th birthday party. Rumors of their alleged romance have gathered momentum, but what if the pair aren't dating? According to a new rumor, Taylor Swift and Drake are recording music together, and that's the reason they've been spending time in each other's company. So what would a Swift and Drake duet sound like, if it happened?

Once you've gotten over your disappointment that the singer and the rapper probably aren't a couple, it's time to start getting excited about what could be one of the most amazing musical collaborations of all time. As two of the biggest artists in the world right now, releasing music together would be a major power move. Drake's Views was the first album to achieve one billion streams on Apple Music, and Swift's 1989 has sold over 6 million copies in the US alone. Any single released by Drake and Swift is likely to be a massive hit, since the pair are both so universally popular. What elements of their musical styles would Drake and Swift fuse together to create an instant hit single?

1. Chemistry


Drake's collaborations with Rihanna have always been plagued by rumors that the pair were together. While those rumors eventually turned out to be true, it's clear that Swift and Drake have their own special chemistry, especially as the rumors about them dating have spread like wildfire. This chemistry would make any musical collaboration between the two performers extra electric.

2. Comedy


Both Swift and Drake are musicians that don't take themselves too seriously. The element of comedy that they both infuse their performances with could make a duet between the pair extremely fun.

3. Addressing The Rumors About Them

Swift is no stranger to negative press, and even the rumor that she's dating Drake has been met with vitriol and offensive tweets. The 1989 singer has made no secret of the fact that she draws inspiration from her life, so it'd make sense for Drake and Swift to reference the rumors about their love lives in any duet they recorded.

4. Lyrics About Love


Swift, in particular, is known for her crazy romantic love songs, and plethora of break-up anthems. Coupled with hits like Drake's "Hotline Bling," which describes a break-up from the male perspective, the pair could come up with some really insightful music that looks at relationships from every angle.

5. Incredibly Catchy Melodies


I don't need to tell anyone that Drake and Swift have recorded some of the catchiest, and most successful, music of all time.

6. Dancing


Drake's "Hotline Bling" dance is nothing short of legendary, and Taylor Swift's dancing, though often described as awkward, is completely iconic. I would love to see Swift and Drake dancing together in a music video.

7. Swift's Drake Fandom


Swift's Apple Music advert showcased her love of Drake perfectly, as she rapped to Drake and Future's "Jumpman" while running on a treadmill. Clearly, Swift is a Drake fan, and this would make any collaboration between the pair really special.


A duet between two of pop's most successful artists would be completely exciting, and the world is more than ready for Swift to start recording again. A collaboration with Drake would be the perfect way for the "Shake It Off" singer to relaunch her music career.

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