Why Rowan Blanchard Will Fit In Perfectly With 'A Wrinkle In Time's Strong Female Cast

Riley Matthews would be so proud of her portrayer right now. Disney announced Girl Meets World star Rowan Blanchard will be in A Wrinkle in Time , and this is amazing news for Blanchard's blossoming career. Directed by Ava DuVernay, Disney's take on A Wrinkle of Time already has a dream-team cast of talented, influential female stars. Oprah Winfrey, Mindy Kaling, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Reese Witherspoon, and newcomer Storm Reid (who landed the coveted lead role of Meg) are all set to play pivotal roles in the film, while acclaimed Selma director DuVernay will be behind the camera. While an acting roster as impressive as A Wrinkle in Time's line-up may sound intimidating, Blanchard will have no trouble fitting in with Winfrey, Witherspoon, and the rest of the talented group Disney has assembled.

A Wrinkle in Time continues to be one of the most frequently challenged children's books, due to its melding of magic, science, and religion. A story with so much to say deserves to be brought to life by actors and a director who truly understand the subject matter. At the age of 15, Blanchard has become a role model for children and adults, thanks to her unwavering activism. She is exactly the kind of actor who should be in one of the most famous female-led and written sci-fi/fantasy stories of all time.

Blanchard's biggest role to date remains Riley, the daughter or Boy Meets World's Cory and Topanga Matthews, in the hit Disney series, Girl Meets World. Throughout the show's first three seasons, Blanchard has shone remarkable range as she embraced the goofy, sunshiny side of Riley, as well as the insecure, easily heartbroken side. Blanchard anchors Girl Meets World with her joyful, bright performance, but it is her off-screen personality that makes her perfectly suited to join the likes of Winfrey, Kaling, and Witherspoon.

Using social media as a platform to reach as many people as possible, Blanchard has spoken candidly about feminism, gun violence, and her own sexuality. With every post, she has presented a poised young woman whose desire to make the world a better, more enlightened place is palpable. Blanchard has spoken about Emma Watson's #HeForShe feminist campaign at the UN Women's national conference, and penned poignant essays on subjects as diverse as dealing with depression and the importance of intersectional feminism.

Much like A Wrinkle in Time author Madeleine L'Engle, Blanchard has something to say, and she will use any platform available to make sure her voice and the voices of other young women are heard. Winfrey, Witherspoon, Kaling, and DuVernay are all older than Blanchard, but they share the same spirit for activism. Winfrey created her own brand and is committed to giving women, particularly women of color, a place to tell their stories. DuVernay is a woman of color who is leaving her mark on the notoriously white male field of directing, and Kaling is a witty writer who created her own TV series. As for Witherspoon, she was so committed to seeing Hollywood create better roles for women that the Legally Blonde alum created her own production company to make sure it happened.

Blanchard is young, but she is creating an impact in Hollywood that makes these incredible women her peers. Seeing her take on a role in A Wrinkle in Time — a story about a bright young girl who enjoys math, who hops through dimensions, and is surrounded by strong female role models — is only going to embolden Blanchard and all of the young people she inspires. The A Wrinkle in Time team is overflowing with influential actors and anchored by one of the most talented directors in Hollywood, so Blanchard will fit right in.