How To DIY Taylor Swift's Choker & Channel Your Inner Pop Star — PHOTOS

It's no secret that Taylor Swift loves to wear chokers in everyday life, but when she wore one to perform in a recent concert, fans believed there was a hidden message. Aside from the possible sartorial metaphor, her look is super chic. What's more: It's totally easy to DIY Taylor Swift's new choker.

So, what's the deal with the choker? Well, it appears Swift and friends have been dropping clues about her new music on the horizon, however most of it seems to be hearsay, aside from Gigi Hadid's confirmation that Taylor Swift is back in the studio. According to Teen Vogue, "For her only concert of 2016, at the Austin Grand Prix, she wore a glittery black romper, not unlike many over her 1989 tour looks. But die-hard Swift fans noticed something unusual, and quickly took to Twitter to voice their excited theory: Taylor was wearing a choker on stage, which she has never done before."

Reporting on Taylor Swift's new performance apparel, Yahoo Style reached out to a Swift fan on social media, a Twitter user named Swiftsjai, who said, "She usually changes her fashion every time she releases her music, and she’s never worn [a choker] before," which could mean that new music might be dropping soon.

Whether the rumors are false or true, one thing's for sure: Taylor's choker is divine. So here's how you can DIY a copycat version on the cheap.

The Inspo

As you can see, Swift's new choker matches her sparkling ensemble perfectly. In fact, due to the length of her hair right now, it's difficult to tell whether the choker is part of her romper or a separate accessory. Either way, Swift's choker is seriously cool and is both edgy yet luxe all at once — making it the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe, just in time for all your festive parties.

The Materials

To create this DIY I picked up the following items:

  • A meter of black velvet ribbon — £1.40 / Approximately $1.74
  • Fabric glue that dries clear — £1.75 / Approximately $2.17
  • Black sequins — 99p / Approximately $1.23
  • Black craft jewels — 99p / Approximately $1.23

I also used some tweezers to apply the jewels and sequins precisely. I had a cotton swab to hand, but I didn't actually end up using it.

I have no idea where Swift got hers from, but I'd hazard a guess it cost way more than around $6. Of course, your local craft store prices may vary, but I'd reckon wherever you go, you'd be able to pick these items up for less than $10.

It's worth mentioning that this is a DIY for beginners (like myself) who enjoy getting creative, but perhaps don't have the experience or craft talent to make something super elaborate.


To start, eyeball the middle section of the ribbon and lay it out on top of a notebook or flat surface that you don't mind getting sticky.

Dot a small blob of glue where you want your first gem to go.

Placed it on carefully with your tweezers. Then, gently put pressure on it with your tweezers when it's in the correct spot.

Continue applying glue and faux stones with the tweezers. You can also carefully press down with your finger to secure the gem if you prefer this method to using the tweezers.

Once you feel you've got enough gems on your ribbon, it's time to move on to the sequins.

Repeat the exact same process for the sequins. As the sequins will likely be thinner than the craft gems you picked up, you may need to use your fingers, a toothpick, or a cotton swab in addition to your tweezers when you apply them.

Your finished embellished ribbon should look a little something like this.

As Taylor Swift's hair covers the back of her choker, it's tricky to see how it fastens. Thus, to make it insanely easy for beginner crafters, I thought this choker could be worn in a cute bow, tied at the nape of the neck. However, feel free to craft something more advanced if you want to show off your crafting skills.

So, if you're a super crafty gal and you want your ribbon to be finished off with a fastening, by all means you can go ahead and do that. For those like me, who aren't very talented when it comes to crafts, you can follow my lead. Place one end of your ribbon onto your notebook (or flat surface) with the velvet side face down, then add a little line of fabric glue to the end.

Next, fold the end over onto itself and press down to ensure it is secure. Repeat this process for the other end. If it has trouble sticking, you could put something heavy on top of it, but do this at your peril, because your heavy item may get stuck to the ribbon. Lastly, leave your ribbon to dry for a good few hours, or preferably overnight to ensure it's fully dried.

The Finished Choker

So there you have it Swifties, a super cute DIY to pay homage to Taylor Swift and her chic style. Fingers crossed that the rumors are true and you'll have a new Swift record to dance to while wearing your latest creation.

Images: Phoebe Waller