'Friday Night Lights' Scott Porter Just Won #TBT Because He's Jason Street & Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose

We're willing to bet he still has his #6 jersey hanging in his closet. Friday Night Lights alum and current CW star Scott Porter posted an epic Throwback Thursday photo on his Instagram account, proving that Texas really is forever. We're not surprised to see Porter throwing it back to FNL, a few weeks ago he tweeted and posted Andy Cohen's photo of "playing Friday Night Lights " with Seth Meyers. So does this mean that the FNL movie might actually happen after all? We wish.

Friday Night Lights has been EVERYWHERE lately — and obviously we're not complaining because we were tweeting right alongside Aziz Ansari during his " FNL Bowl". From Leslie and Anne's "Saracen vs. Riggins" debate on last week's Parks & Rec to the amazing Parenthood / FNL crossover featuring Landry Clarke's band, Crucifictorious to Zach Gilford and Taylor Kitsch's Hollywood renaissances. FNL is making a huge comeback — well, it's actors are at least.

Porter, who you obviously know played beloved quarterback and #6, Jason Street, on the NBC series is an FNL alum in the truest sense of the word. Five months ago, the Hart of Dixie star held mini- FNL reunion at his house with Gilford, Gaius Charles, Matt Lauria, and Kevin Rankin and posted a group photo on his Instagram. And Thursday, he was at it again when he tweeted and posted on Instagram the best #tbt our clear eyes and full hearts have ever seen:

And here's the photo:

We're all about a #FridayNightLights #TBT, 6. ALL ABOUT IT. But what's amazing about this photo isn't just that it now exists on the Internet — it's the fact that Porter's character never actually appeared in the series' final episode (if that's what he's referring to here). So basically, WE'RE LOOKING AT A PIECE OF NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS HISTORY. I know, you're freaking out because, "Texas Forever" and "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose."

Image: ScottPorter/Instagram