8 Times Ron Weasley Was Your Patronus

Back in September, Pottermore finally released the much-anticipated Patronus quiz, which prompted us all to freak out as we realized that our Patronuses weren't fierce tigers or elegant stags, but stoats, squirrels, and terriers. But all of that fuss might have been irrelevant, because obviously Ron Weasley is your Patronus — and you don't need a quiz to tell you so. Your Patronus is supposed to be the creature with which you have the deepest affinity — and, um, that's 100 percent Ronald for me.

The second-youngest Weasley captured our hearts from the very moment we met him on Platform Nine and Three Quarters — all the way back in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. It was his first day of school, and he had something on the end of his nose. So relatable. From that moment onwards, Ron has been all of our Patronuses: our brave, loyal, and sympathetic spirit guardian through the emotional rollercoaster of reading the Harry Potter books.

So when you're feeling scared or blue, and struggling to battle off those Dementors — just focus on your happiest memory, say the magic words, and Ron Weasley will come rushing to your rescue. How magical is that? And to prove it, here are eight times Ron did something so relatable that he was totally your Patronus.

1. When He Was A Total Fanboy

Ron has no chill when it comes to meeting his heroes. He was totally stoked to meet The Boy Who Lived on the Hogwarts Express — and although he ended up feeling pretty jealous and resentful of Viktor Krum, he couldn't stop raving about his Quidditch skills. If I ever found myself in the presence of Beyoncé, I know I'd be freaking out just as much.

2. When He Loved His Food

Food is so much more than just the bare sustenance you need to get through the day — and Ron knows it, too. Every time we caught him munching on "pasties, cakes, and candies," our souls bonded.

3. When He Was Unable To Hide His Emotions

Ron Weasley does not have a poker face. He just can't help exclaiming "Bloody hell" whenever he's surprised; he can't hide his fear over those spiders; his feelings even betray him when he's unconscious, and he mumbles the name of the girl he loves.

4. When He Had A Lot Of Learning To Do

For much of the books, Ron could be pretty insensitive. He was very dismissive of Hermione, even though she's actually brilliant, and he never took her campaigning for elfish welfare very seriously. But he got there in the end, and when he redeemed himself in the final battle by putting the house elves first, it reminded us that we all have learning to do — and that we're all getting better every day.

5. When He Had To Swallow His Pride

OK, so it was a little unhelpful when Ron stormed out of the woods in The Deathly Hallows — but it was hard not to sympathise. Getting emotional and overreacting is totally something my Patronus would do. We've all made mistakes and screwed up friendships — and we've all experienced that mortifying feeling when you have to go back with your tail between your legs.

6. When He Had To Put Up With His Nightmare, Loveable Family

The Weasleys are the most wonderful bunch of wizards the world has ever seen, but they're also a total nightmare. Ron's family are always teasing him, embarrassing him by making him wear cringey Christmas jumpers, or just outright neglecting them... families, amirite?

7. When He Thought Of A Really Good Joke, But Was Too Scared To Make It

Ron is one of the funniest characters in the series, but his jokes are usually only made in a whisper to Harry. Like when Hermione asks if anyone's seen her copy of Numerology and Gramatica:

"Oh, yeah, I borrowed it for a bit of bedtime reading," said Ron, but very quietly.

8. When He Revealed His Insecurities

When faced with the Mirror of Erised, which reveals your deepest desires, Ron saw himself as the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, and Head Boy of Hogwarts. Being part of the legendary Weasley family, it's no surprise Ron never quite felt good enough as he was. Throughout the series, whenever Ron argues with Harry, it's always because he's feeling insecure about being the sidekick to our hero — and tbh, I totally get how he feels.

But even though his insecurities speak to our very soul, Ron always manages to be braver than we ever thought possible. He sticks by Harry's side (well, most of the time) — and brings light into even the darkest of situations. Yep, Ron Weasley is such a Patronus.

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