9 Last-Minute Ways To Volunteer For Hillary Clinton Without Leaving Home

It’s officially Election Day 2016. It’s exciting! It’s thrilling! It’s also a little bit daunting, too. The election season has been stressful, intense, and incredibly divisive. There's a lot on the line this election — and we have the first female presidential nominee on the ballot. If you're #WithHer, there's still plenty you can do to help make a difference today.

As someone who travels quite a bit, I encounter people almost on a daily basis who are just concerned about the future of America as those of us who call the States home. In being one of the most powerful countries in the world, who becomes our next president will have a profound effect on the entire world — and I’m talking about more than building walls here.

While you may have already voted early, via absentee ballot, or bright and early this morning — go you! — you can still help make history and volunteer to help Hillary Clinton win the 2016 election. Here are nine last-minute ways you can still help Clinton, from hosting a last-minute volunteer event to making polling place calls — and you don't even have to leave your cozy couch. How cool is that?

1. Host A Volunteer Event

It’s totally not too late to host a volunteer event! Invite a bunch of friends over right after work (or skip out on work early), and get a recruitment party underway. What this means is setting up a home base for those who want to go door to door.

2. Volunteer Recruitment Calls

You don’t have to be in the HRC Brooklyn headquarters to call Clinton supporters — you can do it right from home! You’re just asking if these supporters want to help make calls from their local field office. Take their email and get them the exact details.

3. Commit Calls

From your home, you can call Clinton supporters and not just remind them that today is the big day, but ask if they’ll promise to get out there and vote before the day is over. Depending on what part of the country you're in, we still have at least eight hours to vote.

4. Polling Place Calls

If you decide to make polling place calls, you’re basically insuring that everyone knows exactly where they need to go today to vote. It’s really that simple.

5. Persuasion Calls

If you think you have what it takes to call up undecided voters and tickle them with persuasion, then this volunteering activity is for you. In choosing this option, you’re taking it upon yourself to tell the undecided voters out there why Hillary Clinton is the best choice for the next President of the United States of America. Don’t worry; you'll have a script to guide you.

6. Take To Social Media

If you have friends who live in a swing state, you can reach out to them via Facebook. Swing states can either make or break an electoral win, so whether it means posting pro-Hillary facts on the wall of everyone you know who lives in a swing state or privately messaging them, do it.

7. Download The Hillary Clinton 2016 App

When you download the Hillary Clinton 2016 app, you can take quizzes and even invite your friends to join the campaign to do what they can do, too. It’s fun and volunteering, all in one.

8. Text A Thank You Note

You can totally help out by sending digital thank you notes to volunteers across the country. All it takes is a few words of appreciation and letting other Clinton volunteers know that you’re “with her,” too.

9. Donate A Few Bucks

If you don’t have time to make calls today, it’s not too late to donate a few dollars to Clinton’s campaign. Just $5 will buy postage for 10 voters, help contact 100 people, or register people to vote.

Now, get out there (aka stay where you are) and make this happen!

Images: Austin Courrege/Bustle; Giphy (9)