Reasons Why America Is Still A Great Place To Live

With the results in, and Trump on his way to the White House as the president-elect, many people are promising to make good on their promise to run for the border. And I totally understand that desire. But don't pack your bags just yet. I promise you — America is still a great place to live.

If you were pulling for Clinton in 2016, this might be hard to believe. Not only did she promise to be our first female president, but she was also the polar opposite of Trump. Where he brought women down, she built them up. And where he promised to "Make America Great Again" — often without much of plan in place — Clinton was right there with her decades of political experience.

So really, it's no wonder the Canada immigration website keeps crashing as Americans undoubtedly Google ways to make a brisk exit. And it's no wonder a heavy feeling hangs over Clinton supporters everywhere, as we wonder what the heck we'll do next.

If you feel like your nation failed you, or like you truly want to move far away, let me assure you there are still plenty of reasons to be proud. Read on for a few reasons why America is great, and why you should stay right where you are.

1. We Have An Amazing Mix Of Food

It seems so simple, and yet food is such a big part of our amazingly diverse American culture. Think about the pizza in and around NYC, the Tex-Mex in Texas, and the wonderful sushi in San Fran. You wouldn't want to abandon all that, would you?

2. There Is So Much To See

The US of A is huge. We can travel for 3,000 miles and still be within our borders, all while seeing diverse people, places, and things along the way. The east coast is nothing like the west coast, and the north nothing like the south. You can adventure for years and never see it all. (Pretty cool, right?)

3. Gay Couples Can Get Married

Things may feel unfair right now, but at least we can marry whoever we want.

4. Anyone Can Be President

If this election showed us anything, it's that democracy is totally a thing. Clearly, anyone can be president. And, though they may not be clear right now, in many ways, that's a good thing.

5. Weed Is Being Legalized In Many A State

It may be slow going, but recreational weed (and medical marijuana) is being legalized in more states all the time. For medical usage, weed is currently legal in more than half of American states. So if that's your thing, stick around to enjoy it.

6. Women Are Still Making Progress

Hillary Clinton might not be our new president-elect, but other women made big strides in the election on Tuesday, including Pramila Jayapal, the first Indian-American woman to ever be elected to Congress.

Even if you're totally joking about fleeing to another land, rest assured things will probably be OK. And, if nothing else, there are these wonderful reasons to stay.

Images: Pexels (6)