Rowan Blanchard Speaks Out Against Trump

It is easy not to care what happens in politics when you are too young to vote, but the next generation is already proving they have a voice and they want to be heard. After the news that Donald Trump won the presidential election, Girl Meets World star Rowan Blanchard protested Trump by taking to the streets, and her actions were so inspiring. At the age of 15, Blanchard has already established herself as a voice for equality and intersectional feminism. To see her standing on the street wearing a shirt that proudly proclaimed "Not My President" and holding a sign that says "How are you going to tell yr grls [sic] the [drawing of a devil] can grab her [drawing of a cat]?" is a powerful image. (Given the context, the devil doodle seemingly represents the president-elect, and the cat is actually supposed to be a "p*ssy.") This activism is enough to give anyone hope that the United States might be OK after all.

Blanchard and the young people she inspires will be of legal voting age in four years, and if they can continue to be passionate activists for change, then the country is in good hands. Despite the outcome of the election, Blanchard is refusing to stop believing in people. She captioned her powerful Instagram photo with a message of optimism.

"I believe in my generation," she wrote. "I believe in girls. I believe in women. I believe in people of color. I believe in the LGBTQ+ community. I believe. I believe. I believe."

As long as people like Blanchard are willing to speak out, to believe in the possibility for change, and to inspire their peers to do the same, there will always be hope for a brighter future. Blanchard has long represented her generation proudly. Her essay on the importance of intersectional feminism was masterful, and the young actor spoke about Emma Watson's #HeForShe campaign at the U.N. Women's national conference. Blanchard's activism is proof you can effect positive change at any age.

Trump may be the president-elect, but young people like Blanchard are the future of the United States. They will be the ones who will set the course, and who will guide America to a more inclusive, brighter future. Blanchard believes, and if you read through the comments on her Instagram post, it is easy to see how many of her followers feel the same way.

Young people who are Blanchard's age could not cast a ballot in this election, but that does not mean they are choosing silence. Instead, they are using their words and actions to shape the country into one they are proud to be a part of. America's future is one grounded in the belief that people can and will be better, and Blanchard is helping lead the charge.