12 Dinners You Made Yourself In The '90s That You Stil Crave As An Adult

Sometimes making dinner as an adult can feel like a real struggle — but it can be both fun and hilarious to think back to the . Whether we were children, tweens, or teenagers, it's likely we ended up cobbling together dinners for ourselves at least once in a while, and let's be real: We got creative about it in a way that only '90s kids could.

While nostalgia runs the risk of making everything seem a little too rosy and ideal, it's safe to say food in the '90s was objectively pretty great. Whether you wanted a sweet snack, a decadent dessert, or an easy meal to pop into the microwave, had us covered. Because using the stove when your parents aren't there to supervise is a major, major no-no.

Now, the were not necessarily the most nutritionally sound, but hey: We wanted something fast to make and easy to clean up. After all, we had Myspace pages to update and episodes of Full House to binge. That's why, with some humor, you'll gladly remember these dinners you made yourself in the '90s. And if you want to walk down memory lane and make them again, I fully support that choice.



Plug in the toaster oven and you're basically good to go for a gooey, fruity dinner. I mean, strawberries are a fruit, right?

Hot Pockets


Is there anything quite like biting into a piping hot Hot Pocket, fresh out of the microwave? You didn't even need a plate because of those handy wrappers.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Milk


Nothing like a massive bowl of cereal and milk, and luckily, the '90s had us covered. We had a ton of awesome options, too: Oreo O's, , Fruity Pebbles... Mmm.

Kid Cuisine


Anyone else ? They were (and are — ) line of microwaveable meals kind of like Lunchables, but served hot. I remember the chicken fingers, corn, and macaroni and cheese combo was a real winner in my neighborhood.

Totino's Pizza Rolls


Whether you popped them into the microwave or the oven, you know there was nothing quite like a cheesy, saucy pizza roll.

Teddy Grahams and Frosting


Dipping a into a can of Funfetti frosting. You know, the ideal dinner for any age.

Chef Boyardee


If you actually, you know, heated up something on the stove, you know it was a can of delicious Chef Boyardee.

Every Single Kind of Lunchable


Let's be honest: Who doesn't grab the occasional Lunchable even today? They're surprisingly delicious and diverse: Ham and cheese, nachos, tacos, cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza...


Bagel Bites were not only easy and convenient, but had a decent variety: Three Cheese, Pepperoni, Supreme, Sausage & Pepperoni... take your pick!

Peanut Butter and Oreos


Oh, dipping Oreos into a jar of peanut butter. You never let me down.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese


Warm, cheesy macaroni and cheese satisfies no matter what, but there is nothing quite like that classic blue box of Kraft to remind you of dinner in the '90s.

Curly Fries And Purple Ketchup


Nothing says the '90s like weirdly colored condiments, am I right?

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