The Bustle Huddle: What Bustle's Editors Are Talking About On Nov. 23

Is it just me, or is the last day before a holiday break always the absolute slowest? And when that holiday involves eating all the stuffing and mashed potatoes you can fit on your plate, watching hours of TV, and crossing your fingers for signs of snowfall, the day before feels practically never-ending. But we've made it, guys — and now we can all sit back, relax, and enjoy our Thanksgiving plans, whatever they may be.

But before you jet off to your family's house or gather the ingredients for your Friendsgiving dinner, take a look at all of the things Bustle's editors were talking about today, from Black Friday shopping deals to Gilmore Girls-induced food comas.

Donald Trump + Nikki Haley

After a seemingly endless parade of men, a woman has finally been appointed to Donald Trump's administration, and her addition to the team is garnering mixed reactions. While some people are big fans of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley being made ambassador to the United Nations, others, such as Bernie Sanders, are not, due to her history with Medicare and women's rights, among other issues. Here's what Bernie had to say about Haley, while back on the campaign trail.

#StillWithHer: She may be out of the race, but that doesn't mean that Hillary Clinton isn't still hitting milestones. On Tuesday night, Clinton's popular vote lead surpassed 2 million, a huge deal considering that the last losing candidate to win the popular vote, Al Gore, only won it by a bit over 500,000 votes.

Lorelai Gilmore + Food Comas

If you're a fan of GIlmore Girls, you've probably wondered, at one point or another, just how in the world Lorelai and Rory ate the amount of food they did and managed to stay alive. Well, Bustle's Senior Entertainment Editor Kelsea Stahler decided to find out, and her 24 hours spent eating exactly like Lorelai Gilmore — piles of Chinese food, strawberry Pop Tarts, and endless cups of coffee included — sound insane.

From The Editor: A massive Gilmore fan, Stahler was excited for the opportunity to be like Lorelai for a day, but soon found keeping up with the character's eating habits to be quite the challenge. "By a little over halfway through those 24 hours, I thought I might actually die from caffeine and sugar," Stahler recalls. "I do not recommend this diet to any human. Ever."

Thanksgiving + Volunteering

If your Thanksgiving plans don't include a huge family dinner or marathoning Friends, why not spend the day giving back? There are plenty of ways you can help out on Thanksgiving, and if you're looking for a place to volunteer, check out the list here for some options.

It's Not Just You: Going home for Thanksgiving is a whirlwind of emotions for everyone, and this Bustle-designed chart captures every stage of the experience, from dealing with overpriced flights to answering those non-stop questions about your dating life.

Black Friday + Cyber Monday

Shopping addicts, get ready: it's time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the two days per year when your 2 a.m. Amazon Prime spree and need to order 10 pairs of shoes at once is totally acceptable. If you're trying to get ahead on the madness, here are the best deals you need to know about for both days of hardcore shopping.

Pro Tip: "A lot of brands extend their sales for the whole week past Cyber Monday these days, but items tend to sell out later in the week," says Kara McGrath, Bustle's Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor. So do yourself a favor and don't wait too long before heading online.

Turkey + Friendsgiving

For many people, Thanksgiving means gathering your nearest and dearest friends for a potluck holiday dinner. Here are some of the best Friendsgiving recipes to try, and if you've got some vegans and vegeterians in your dinner group, these 19 vegan Thanksgiving meal ideas should be right up their alley.

Fun Fact: Ever wonder why you feel the need to catch some ZZZs after digging into a turkey dinner? It's because turkey contains tryptophan, an amino acid that forms the basis of the brain chemicals that cause sleepiness — but that's not the whole story. The carbs you tend to eat in your Thanksgiving meal, such as potatoes and stuffing, trigger the release of insulin, which causes trytophan to enter the brain and cause tiredness, too.

Today's WTF Moment: "Where is that girl? Is she long gone or missing? You can't bring her back, you're just reminiscing" — lyrics to "Song For Her," the first single by GEM, the Spice Girls spinoff band. Yes, that's a thing now.

What To Watch: Need a way to kill some time while dealing with your family's holiday shenanigans? Check out 13 of the all-time best Thanksgiving movies, because no one can argue when you're watching You've Got Mail.

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