20 Most Embarrassing Sex Confessions

Even the most experienced in bed have some pretty embarrassing sex stories — it just comes with the territory. Sex is a very important part of life, but sometimes things just happen and it's just plain awkward. Sure, sex can be sweaty and messy but when something goes amiss, it may feel like it has the power to scar you for life.

Even though everyone is different — and everyone's sex life is different — there's a lot of anxiety around saying or doing the "wrong" thing during sex. You might find yourself thinking about things you need to do at work, your thoughts might wander to an old partner, or you make a weird sound. But honestly, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed of anything during sex. Things happen and letting the embarrassment ruin an otherwise perfectly good romp is silly.

With that said, sometimes things are so cringe-worthy you just have to let it out, anonymously of course. Whisper is an online platform where people share real thoughts and feelings completely anonymously. Without identities or profiles, people can vent and not have to worry about who might see how they're truly feeling. Check out some of the most embarrassing sex Whisper confessions — maybe yours won't seem so bad in comparison.

1. Hair In All The Wrong Places

2. Say What?

3. That Song Stuck In Your Head

4. Multitasking At It's Finest

5. Weird Faces

6. That Must Be An Incredible Game

7. A Bloody Mess

8. Some Bodily Functions Just Aren't Sexy

9. Fake Moans Are Distracting AF

10. Drunk Sex

11. Easy A?

12. Next-Door Commentary

13. Patriot-Fetish

14. Kink And Run

15. Go Hard or Go Home

16. Priorities

17. Childhood Fantasies

18. Dental Hygiene Matters

19. Accidental Menage A Trois

20. Hold, Please


Images: Pexels (1), The Whisper App (20)