What Will Eyebrow Trends Be In 2017?

There's no point denying that in your short millennial lifetime, eyebrows have evolved. From the barely-there brows of the '90s, to the voluptuous eyebrows of recent years, chances are, you've probably rocked more than one brow style in your life. But, what will eyebrows look like in 2017?

It's a blast to try out new fashion and beauty trends, especially ones that can seriously transform your look, such as anything that involves changing up your eyebrows. As you probably heard, the eyes are the windows to your soul, so depending on how you frame them with your eyebrows can make a huge difference; to clarify, one wrong pluck and you can be left looking surprised, angry, or confused until your eyebrow hairs grow back.

Even if you're anti-fashion and prefer to do your own thing when it comes to your personal style, you'll want to know what kind of brows will be in next year, so you can avoid them like the plague. In the past few years alone, the beauty world has witnessed some rather whimsical trends such as rainbow eyebrows or sparkling glitter brows, which aren't everybody's cup of tea.

So I spoke to Sania Vucetaj, owner of Sania's Brow Bar, to get her opinion on the eyebrow look to aim for next year.

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"I have always been a firm believer in full, natural brows," Vucetaj tells Bustle over email. It seems she's not the only one, with the rise of YouTube makeup tutorials — including a myriad of videos instructing folks on how to fill in their brows — at the moment most people appear to be loving a fuller, yet not unnatural brow.

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When it comes to 2017's eyebrow look Vucetaj says, "I do not believe in following brow trends because brow hairs can take months (or years) to grow back and repair so you never want to play around with them." Ladies who are still recovering from plucking their brows to within an inch of their life will definitely understand this sentiment.

"Instead, I suggest playing around with makeup trends that can easily be washed off," says Vucetaj, which IMO, sounds like a much safer option.

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Natural style brows are like the LBD of beauty — they're totally classic. "I have been doing brows for over 25 years and despite the super skinny brows of the ‘90s and ‘00s, I have always promoted a fuller brow. No one will ever regret a more natural brow," Vucetaj explains.


"I love that people are finally embracing bold brows but I also warn people that there is a difference between heavy and full," says Vucetaj, adding, "brows should always frame the eyes and face."

We are likely to see plenty more wacky eyebrow trends on the horizon, but to ensure you don't regret any of your brow choices in years to come, take Vucetaj's advice for next year and experiment with eyebrow makeup, rather than the actual structure of your brows. Because, as you may have learned by now, brows are for life, not just 1999.