Where Can You Get Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is like a modern day magic trick for gals who prefer to be hairless. Therefore, you might wonder, where can you get laser hair removal? Because body hair grows more or less everywhere on the human body.

Adriana Martino, co-founder of SKINNEY Medspa, explains to Bustle over email that laser hair removal has come a long way. She says, “Laser hair removal requires multiple visits, depending on the area and hair type but usually requires any where from 4-8 sessions,” plus Martino explains that it’s got a pretty reasonable price tag, starting from just $59 per session and upwards. But where abouts on your bod can you get laser hair removal? Martino says, “Laser hair removal can work on virtually every part of the body, where the hair is dark and coarse enough, including some fingers and toes.” She explains that it’s an effective way to remove unwanted hair permanently.

However, laser hair removal is not entirely pain-free. Dr. Janet Prystowsky tells Bustle over email, “Depending on your practitioner, their equipment, and your tolerance for pain, laser hair removal can be relatively painless or fairly painful.”

“With the Duet Laser, I’ve noticed that my patients usually do not need topical anesthetic, meaning it’s a relatively painless procedure,” says Dr. Prystowsky, “with other lasers, topical anesthetic was a necessity.”

With this in mind, here’s Dr. Prystowsky’s breakdown of exactly where you can get laser hair removal, along with price and pain guidelines.

1. Hair Line

Price $: Low Hundreds

Pain: 1-2

"Assuming your practitioner is using a Duet Laser with no anesthetic, I’ve listed what the likely pain factor is for each area. 1 being mild, 5 being painful," says Dr. Prystowsky, "however, pain is subjective. If you are highly susceptible to pain, topical anesthetic should bring the pain factor down by 1." She explains that there are laws against doctors releasing pricing information, therefore the pricing brackets she discusses give potential clients a vague idea.

In terms of laser hair removal for the hair line, Dr. Prystowsky says, "This option is for people who don’t like their widow’s peak or just want a cleaner hair line."

2. Ears

Price $: Low Hundreds

Pain: 3-4

"This option is generally for men with dark hair," says Dr. Prystowsky, "usually I inject anesthetic." That makes sense considering the higher pain factor.

3. Face/Beard

Price $: Low Hundreds To Low Thousands

Pain: 2

"Depending on whether you want your upper lip done or an entire beard removed, pricing can vary," says Dr. Prystowsky.

4. Neck

Price $: Low To High Hundreds

Pain: 3

"The Adam’s Apple area is usually sensitive compared to the rest of the neck," explains Dr. Prystowsky, so be prepared for this when it comes to your appointment or you might get a surprise.

5. Chest

Price $: Low To High Hundreds

Pain: 2

Men and women can opt for laser hair removal on their chest. Dr. Prystowsky says, "While men generally opt for full chest hair removal, a cheaper option is available for women looking to remove nipple hair."

6. Back

Price $: Mid To High Hundreds

Pain: 2

Folks wanting a fuzz-free back can expect a moderate amount of pain, with a moderate price tag.

7. Arms

Price $: Low Thousands

Pain: 2

Although this might seem like an expensive option, Dr. Prystowsky explains, "Cheaper options are available for people looking to remove only their forearm hair or shoulder hair."

8. Underarms

Price $: Low To Mid Hundreds

Pain: 2-3

I'd hazard a guess that the underarms are likely one of the most popular places to get laser hair removal, especially for women, so a low to moderate price point and pain factor will be a welcome sight for gals who prefer smooth underarms. Dr. Prystowsky says, "The armpit area can be sensitive compared to your chest and the rest of your arm."

9. Hands

Price $: Low Hundreds

Pain: 3-4

Dr. Prystowsky explains that hair removal on the hands is a good option, "for those wishing to clean up the transition of hair from their forearm."

10. Intimate Areas


Bikini Or Penis Price $: Mid Hundreds

Bikini Pain: 3-4

Penis Pain: 4

On bikini laser hair removal, Dr. Prystowsky says, "A popular option during the summer. Depending on the area of treatment, pricing can vary."

11. Legs

Price $: Low Thousands

Pain: 2

As human legs are rather large limbs, it makes sense that the price point reflects this. "Cheaper options are available for people looking to remove only their lower leg hair or upper leg hair," says Dr. Prystowsky.

12. Toes

Price $: Low Hundreds

If you're a fan of preened and polished tootsies, you'll be pleased to know that laser hair removal won't cost you the earth.

Don't be put off by the hearsay around laser hair removal, book a consultation with your dermatologist and discover more to find out if it's the right hair removal treatment for you!

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