11 '90s-Inspired Christmas Cards, So You Can Have The Most Nostalgic Holiday Season Yet

It's time to start getting your season's greetings out into the world, and with these '90s-inspired Christmas cards you'll find something for every kind of '90s child. What better time to celebrate the greatest decade your friends lived through than Christmas time? And even if your friends don't remember the '90s, they've heard the legend, and they're probably all about '90s culture right now because Kylie Jenner. From Spice Girls puns to Festivus greetings, Holiday Armadillos to existential Yule logs, there's a card for every kind of '90s Christmas out there, because the '90s spirit will literally never die.

The only challenge then is figuring out what to write inside, because card writing is an art. Sure, you could stick with the generic holiday messages like "Merry Christmas" or "Season's Greetings" and just sign your name, but how boring is that? My advice? Think of great '90s puns related to the picture on the front of your card and get to cracking some great Christmas jokes. 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring except Macaulay Culkin. You get the idea. Here are 11 '90s inspired Christmas cards to give out this holidays.

1. A Card That They Want, That They Really, Really Want

This is the card for '90s gal pals (they don't need to necessarily be gals, "gal pal" is genderless, it's more of a state of mind). The festive season is about fun and friendship, and what's more iconic from '90s fun and friendship than the Spice Girls?

Spice Girls Christmas Card, $4.20, Etsy.com

2. An Absurdist Twin Peaks Card

Turn the Twin Peaks log lady's log into a Yule log with this card for the Lynch fan in your life.

Twin Peaks Log Lady Christmas Card, $3.28, Etsy.com

3. A Friends Christmas Card For Your Non-Christmas Celebrating Friends

If your friends don't celebrate Christmas, this Holiday Armadillo card is perfect for them. It's also super funny for all your Christmas-celebrating friends who are fans of Friends, too. So basically everyone wins with the Holiday Armadillo.

Holiday Armadillo Card, $5.89, Etsy.com

4. Or A Festivus Card For Your Non-Christian Or Christmas-Hating Friends Who Prefer Seinfeld

A Festivus for the rest of us indeed. Give this card to all the non-Christians, or to the big old grinches in your life this holiday season.

Seinfeld Festivus Card, $3.28, Etsy.com

5. A Fun Oasis Pun Card

Give a card that celebrates the heyday of Britpop with a silly pun, like this Noel Gallagher Christmas card that greets the season, but also says, "What's the story morning glory?"

Noel Gallagher Oasis Inspired Christmas Card, $3.47, Etsy.com

6. A Card Featuring The Queen Of Christmas For Your Honey

Mariah Carey is the Queen, the Ultimate Goddess, the Spirit, the Everything of Christmas. For your loved one, give this Mariah Carey card because without Mariah Carey, there would be no Christmas (or something).

Mariah Carey All I Want For Christmas Is You Christmas Card, $4.20, Etsy.com

7. A Card That Makes Them Wonder If It's Tim Allen Or Santa Claus

Tim Allen was THE dad of the '90s. He was also Santa by accident. Give this cute and funny card to the '90s child that used to groan at all Tim the Toolman's bad dad jokes, but that wanted to get hip with his son so bad.

Tim Allen Christmas Card, $3.98, Etsy.com

8. Push It With A Pun-tacular Salt N Pepa Pun

I just can't even with this card. I'm lol-ing as I type. Salt N Pepa. Seasons Greetings. It's just too wonderful for words.

Salt N Pepa Seasons Greetings Card, $4.58, Etsy.com

9. Or A Biggie/Santa Pun

If Santa says "Ho Ho Ho" then Biggie says "Yo Yo Yo". For the '90s hip hop fan in your life, give them a card that celebrates the Santa they wish they had instead of that generic bearded white guy in an unfashionable suit.

Biggie Christmas Card, $3.60, Etsy.com

10. A Pokémon Pun Card, Because Clearly There's A Pattern Going On Here, Revealing A Proclivity For Christmas Puns

Pokémon are as big now as they were in the '90s, so give a Pikachu pun card to your friend who can't take their eyes off Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Greeting Card, $5.34, Etsy.com

11. A Home Alone Card, Because Come On, That's Everyone's Favorite '90s Christmas Movie!

Every '90s kid has a connection to Home Alone. It's what you watched on Christmas Eve with your family, kind of secretly hoping the whole caper would happen to you, because somehow it made scary robbers trying to break in and hurt you when your parents weren't home seem kind of funny rather than terrifying.

Home Alone Seasonal Greeting Card, $3.82, Etsy.com

Image: NBC