The Worst Breakup Advice You'll Ever Hear

Whether it involves therapy, intensive self-care, or partying the night away in denial, everyone has their own brand of post-breakup advice. Sometimes, though, laughter is the best medicine, which is what Twitter is offering right now with the trending hashtag #BadAdviceForTheHeartbroken. In a way, these hilariously terrible tips on how to survive a breakup are even more useful than good advice. Just, you know, pick one, and do the exact opposite.

The worst break up advice I ever received involved dramatic schemes for revenge that are probably better suited for a rom-com than real life. For example: I was clued in on a place where you can buy bed bugs to slip into an unsuspecting ex's bedroom before ditching out scott free. (Rough, I know. And no, I will not link you to the site.) Another time, I was instructed how to make a lovely mosaic with broken pieces of my former beloved's record collection — as if taking all my anger out in multiple acts of violence against vinyl would make me feel better.

Truly, there is no end to the terrible advice that is out there. Here's what Twitter users are sharing as their worst possible tips for surviving heartache:

1. Text Your Ex...A Lot

2. Drink As Much As You Can

3. Destroy Your Ex's Property

4. Don't Take No For An Answer

5. Date Someone New Immediately

6. Go Shopping

7. Wallow In Misery

Images: Hannah Burton/Bustle; Twitter