These 13 Gifts Are Lorelai Gilmore Approved

One of the major reasons that Gilmore Girls is so beloved and has such a devoted fan base is because of Lorelai Gilmore. She is the heart, soul, and wit of Gilmore Girls and although she is a truly unique character, you may have someone on your Christmas list who loves Lorelai and also reminds you of her. If that's the case, then you should absolutely let Lorelai's spirit be your guide when it comes to holiday shopping for that person. It will not only breathe new life into your Christmas shopping, but your Lorelai fan is sure to be delighted with the Gilmore Girls-themed holiday present you choose for her or him.

While many people may aspire to be like Lorelai, she is a character unto herself. Yet, you may be blessed enough to have a fast-talking, quick-witted, and caffeine-obsessed friend, family member, or other loved one. If that's the case, don't they deserve the types of things that Lorelai would want for herself this Christmas? And thanks to Lorelai's opinionated and outgoing personality, you have plenty of ideas to work with. From her eating habits to her fashion sense, here are 13 gift ideas for the Lorelai Gilmore in your life this Christmas.

1. Grubhub Gift Card

Grubhub eGift Card, Price Varies, Grubhub

If your friend is a professional takeout orderer like Lorelai, you won't want to dictate where she or he can order food from, so a gift card to this food-ordering site with ample choices is the way to go.

2. World's Largest Coffee Cup

Allures and Illusions World's Largest Gigantic Coffee Mug, $52, Amazon

As the Amazon reviews point out, this is more a conversation piece than a functional drinking cup, but if your friend loves coffee as much as Lorelai, then she or he will be amused to receive this giant mug.

3. Streaming Subscription

Netflix Gift Card, Price Varies, Amazon

Your friend must be a consumer of all things television and movies if she or he is like Lorelai. If they don't happen to have a subscription to one of the streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or HBO NOW, you can gift them one. These gift cards are usually available at local stores.

4. Snow-Scented Candle

Sparkling Snow Large 2-Wick Tumbler Candle, $28, Yankee Candle

Lorelai can smell snow coming, but this snow-scented candle gives the gift of snow on-demand.

5. I Smell Snow Necklace

I Smell Snow Necklace Hand Stamped, $24, Kreative Studios on Etsy

Going off of the snow theme, this pretty charm necklace makes for a dainty winter accessory for Lorelai fans.

6. I'd Rather Be At Luke's T-Shirt

I'd Rather Be at Luke's Diner Women's T-shirt, $10.65-$12.65, Ink It Tees on Etsy

Both the person on your Christmas list and Lorelai share the sentiment on this form-fitting T-shirt that matches Lorelai's fashion sense.

7. Coffee Of The Month Club Subscription

Coffee of the Month Club, $60-$237, Boca Java

Get two new types of coffee from around the world delivered to your friend's house every month. What's even better? Boca Java has a Stars Hollow Coffee Club — complete with Gilmore Girls-themed coffee! — that your friend can become a member of to save money on future purchases if he or she becomes hooked on the company's coffee.

8. A Cheryl Strayed Book

Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar by Cheryl Strayed , $9, Amazon

Your friend might have already read the memoir Wild like Lorelai did in A Year in the Life, but has she or he read Cheryl Strayed's other books? I recommend Tiny Beautiful Things, which is a collection of the best of her fantastic Dear Sugar advice column over on Rumpus.

9. Totes Y'All Tote Bag

Totes Y’all Vanderbilt Tote, $165, Draper James

Speaking of Wild, Lorelai's bag that said "Totes Y'all" while at the pool in A Year in the Life's "Summer" is actually from Reese Witherspoon's site Draper James — the connection to Wild being that Witherspoon starred in the movie as Strayed. Lorelai's darker color tote doesn't appear to be available anymore, but you can get the same style in cream for gift-giving purposes.

10. Lifetime Movie Collection

Lifetime Gold Collection, $8, Amazon

Luke revealed that Lorelai's DVR is filled with Lifetime Original movies during a Year in the Life, so your friend may appreciate owning some of these TV movie gems permanently. This collector's set has four Lifetime movies, but they are of a slightly higher caliber since it's the "Gold Collection" and has the famous actresses Kathy Bates, Thora Birch, Sarah Chalke, and Blythe Danner in each of the four movies. Lorelai does love her mix of lowbrow and highbrow entertainment.

11. A Companion To The Gilmore Girls

The Gilmore Girls Companion by A. S. Berman, $34, Amazon

Lorelai knows a lot about pop culture, so your super fan should know everything there is to know about Gilmore Girls. This unauthorized companion even includes a forward by Richard Gilmore — the deceased actor Edward Herrmann.

12. Lauren Graham's Memoir

Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between) by Lauren Graham, $13, Amazon

I know this isn't a list for the Rory in your life, so this is the last book suggestion. But it sure is a good one since it's a memoir by Lorelai herself — Lauren Graham. The actress who plays Lorelai reflects on what it was like to portray her iconic character back in the original series and now in the revival in this recent, hardcover release. What's better for your Lorelai than a book by Lorelai?

13. The Pink Coat

Guess Double Breasted Bouclé Cutaway Coat, $179, Nordstrom

It might not be as bright pink and it might not have the belt, but this Guess coat is reminiscent of Lorelai's infamous pink coat from the original series, thanks to the cut and the large buttons. Plus, she wears two pale pink coats in the revival and the wool blend should be good for the Connecticut winter. If you have extra money to spend on your Lorelai this Christmas, this would be a real treat.

So channel the Gilmore in you and go Christmas shopping for your Lorelai! If the recepient doesn't like the gift you choose, I'm sure he or she will let you know immediately if the individual really is anything like the one and only Lorelai.

Image: Saeed Adyani/Netflix