Patton Oswalt's 'Game of Thrones' Premiere Tweets Make Watching Live TV Fun Again

Typically, anyone who live-tweets a highly anticipated episode of TV is gonna elicit the wrath of all those who aren't watching, but when the person posting the offending tweets is Patton Oswalt, all potential spoiling is forgiven. The comedian, actor, and social media king has over 1.6 million Twitter followers, and all of them were privy last night to his amazing, hilarious, and, yes, slightly spoilerific live tweets during the Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere.

Oswalt's Twitter spree actually began earlier in the night, when he noted the surplus of must-watch Sunday night TV shows, including Thrones, Veep , the premiere of Silicon Valley , and his own Comedy Central stand-up special, Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time. He lamented the inevitable overlap, but focused his efforts on acquiring viewers for his comedy special, guaranteeing that Tragedy Plus Comedy would have "TWICE the boobs and and at least 1/2 the dragons of Game of Thrones."

To make that promise, Oswalt must not have gotten an advanced screener copy of last night's Thrones episode, because as all who watched know, the installment was heavy on both the naked women and the fire-breathing dragons. Yet as his live tweets quickly proved, the comedian soon found that out for himself. Throughout the episode, Oswalt hilariously covered everything from Jamie's hand issues:

To the hour's unusual framework:

(Quickly followed by):

To the Hound's eating habits:

And even the night's breaking news:

Oswalt's amazing, spot-on tweets ("keep hearing, 'God I hope I get it...' from A CHORUS LINE during the concubine audition scene") gave last night's episode some much-needed levity, and we hope that he takes to Twitter again during next week's episode. Between his posts and Retta's pitch-perfect Scandal and The Good Wife tweets, it's starting to get cool again to watch live TV. DVRs, get ready: with Oswalt and Retta taking over TV, watching your favorite shows a few days late might no longer be safe — or at least as fun as watching them with amazing comedians tweeting along.