Did Mila Show Off A Pregnant Belly?

Usually the MTV Movie Awards' most anticipated moments include movie previews, musical performances, and that glorious Best Shirtless Performance category. But, this year, we've all been anxiously awaiting something much simpler: Mila Kunis showing. Kunis and fiancée Ashton Kutcher have kept very quiet about her Kunis' recently reported pregnancy and, so far, the actress has only appeared at one event since the news broke. Until now, of course. Kunis won the Best Villain award and looked pretty pregnant while delivering her awesome acceptance speech.

Even though her loose black lace dress didn't do much to hide her growing bump, if it was even supposed to, Kunis looked stunning. In her very short speech, she noted that she was the only woman nominated for Best Villain and beat out all the nominated guys, including Benedict Cumberbatch, Barkhad Abdi, Michael Fassbender and Donald Sutherland. And if you were too busy cheering for her empowering mini-speech to look for evidence of her pregnancy, don't worry. Kunis will appear again to present an award.

This appearance may not have been the official pregnancy confirmation fans have been waiting for, but seeing Kunis at the Movie Awards should be good enough — for now. Fans will only grow more restless with time, so Kunis either needs to book a few more events or start crafting a statement. And quick.