'Vanderpump Rules' Hit Coachella & We Hope This Means a Vanderchella Episode In Season 3 — PHOTOS

While I was at Coachella last weekend, I was on the lookout for three celebrities: Vanessa Hudgens (totes saw her. AHHHHHH!!!!), Jared Leto (did not see him, but that's probably for the best. My crush on him is unruly, so I don't think I would've been able to contain myself), and the entire Vanderpump Rules cast (did not see any of them. And yes, I’m calling the entire cast one celebrity. I don't mean that as a diss. All of them mean so much to me). There was no doubt in my mind that the Vanderpump cast would be there with bells on (Tom Sandoval’s post about “[grabbing] some gear” for the festival was all the info I required). So where were they hanging out? Which bands did they watch? Which tents did they frequent? Why oh why did our paths not cross? Well, it looks like I should've spent less time eating grilled cheese and mozzarella stick sandwiches from one of the festival's food trucks (so good) and more time at the fiestas: Jax Taylor, Kristen Doute, and other Vanderpump stars hung out at the Lacoste pool party. In my mind, Tom Sandoval did impressions of Scheana Marie's dance moves for everyone in attendance. Really sad I missed it.

Kristen, Tom Sandoval, Ariana, Tom Schwartz, Katie Maloney, and Jax all hit up weekend one of the music festival and the parties (as did cast friends Carmen Dickman, James Kennedy, and Brad Kearns). And yes, they posted plenty o' photos on Instagram and Twitter. Bring me a spoon and a bib, because I am eating the photos UP. Like I said, I didn't see any of them IRL, so their Twitter and Insta pics will have to suffice.

After spending a decent chunk of my morning poring over the pics, a pair of Vander-thoughts popped into my mind: Will Coachella make a Vanderpump cameo? Will we get a two-part Vanderchella special?!?! Oh, I hope so. It's probably not likely, but I really, really hope so. One to two whole episodes that follow the cast around as they prep for the festival and hang out at the Palm Springs parties and navigate the wild dust storm? It'd be my everything. Yeah I know the show was only just renewed, and no I don't know if they've started shooting, and no I don't know if the festival would be cool with the show's camera crew trekking around the polo field, but it'd be a DREAM. And a girl can dream, yeah?

So how did the Vanderpumpers do Coachella? Let us turn to the cast's social media accounts!

Kristen went to the Neon Carnival:

Tom Sandoval wore light up shoelaces:

Aaaand flipped a smiley face bird.

Kristen, James, Brad, Carmen, and Jax did the Lacoste pool party thing at the Lacoste pool party:

(Quick refresher: Kristen and James are dating. Jax and Carmen were dating, but recently split up. Kristen and Jax hooked up many moons ago, and their hookup knocked the Vanderpump world off of its axis.)

Ariana sat on Tom Sandoval's shoulders during Outkast's legendary reunion set:

Kristen, Carmen, and Brad hung out:

Thanks to Carmen's pics, I almost feel like I was at the Lacoste pool party. Almost:

Tom Sandoval and Ariana at the Lacoste party:

Katie wore fringe:

And Kristen mourned the final day of the fesitival (OOO, I see you VIP):

What was Scheana Marie up to during Coachella weekend? Hanging out with her fiancé and grubbing this no-nonsense dessert:

Girl after my own heart.

Images: kristendoute/Instagram (2); tomsandoval1/Instagram; bradxbrad/Instagram; ariana252525/Instagram (2); carmendickman/Instagram; musickillskate/Instagram; scheanamarie/Instagram