'The Voice': Team Usher Loses Two Strong Contenders, But Keeps Three Even Stronger Ones

Previously on The Voice: Shakira, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton made their live show team decisions. I'll give you five guesses as to what was on the docket for Tuesday night's ep. No, Carson Daly didn't do a trapeze act. It was Team Usher’s turn to visit the ol’ chopping block. Before the ep started, I legitimately had no idea as to who'd be eliminated. Team Usher is that solid of a team! KEEP 'EM ALL, I say! But Usher could not keep 'em all. He had a job to do, and that job was to cut two singers from the show. After watching his five team members perform, Usher ultimately chose Bria Kelly, Josh Kaufman, and T.J. Wilkins.

The advancing singers' performances were great, as were the eliminated contestants'. Okay, I reckon the advancing singers' were better, but it wasn't an embarrassing bone crushing bloodbath by any stretch of the imagination. Melissa Jiménez's “Halo” had some goosebumpy gorgeous moments, but I’d be lying if I said there weren’t any weak parts. It wasn’t a perfect rendition, but I did like it. And Stevie Jo’s “The Thrill is Gone” was really nice, but I guess it didn't pack the punch necessary at this stage of the game. Womp womp.

Regardless, I thought all five members of Team Usher brought it Tuesday night. The ep might’ve been one of my favorite overall episodes of the season? I think? At the very least, the ep belongs in my top five. I just found the entire hour to be so enjoyable. That being said, I’m going to change things up and share not one, but THREE performances. (Hey, I’m writing about The Voice, and if there is any show that embraces a sudden format change, it’s this one. My writing should reflect that.)

T.J. Wilkins singing “Tell Me Something Good”:

Hey, T.J.? I’ll tell you something good: I LOVED THIS PERFORMANCE.

Josh Kaufman singing "It Will Rain":

Just like the clouds, my eyes will do the same if Josh Kaufman is eliminated. Every day it'll rain, rain, raaaaaain.

Bria Kelly singing "Wild Horses":

Oof, that might've been my favorite of the night. This girl, amirite? Wild horses couldn't drag me away from my TV while this performance was happening.

Who will be repping each team in the live rounds? Here ya go:


Tess BoyerKristen MerlinDani Moz


Delvin ChoiceChristina GrimmieKat Perkins


Josh KaufmanBria KellyT.J. Wilkins


Sisaundra LewisAudra McLaughlinJake Worthington

Whoa. I genuinely like everybody left in the competition. As if the eliminations weren't already tough, the cuts are going to sting like crazy from here out.

Next Monday Night: Goodbye, Playoffs! It's time for the Live rounds, snitches!

Image: Trae Patton/NBC