The 'Scandal' Blooper Reel Is Lighthearted, Funny, and Nothing Like the Show - VIDEO

*Spoilers from the finale to follow*

Of all the things Scandal is — fast-paced, thrilling, occasionally horrifying — lighthearted is certainly not one of them. The series, created by drama's reigning queen, Shonda Rhimes, is one of the darkest shows on network TV; just take Thursday's season three finale, which revolved around the calm, cheerful plotlines of murder, rape, and a guy people are starting to call Voldemort. As intense as the series' episodes are, however, the show's behind-the-scenes attitude is apparently a lot less dramatic. In fact, judging from the Scandal blooper reel that Shonda Rhimes revealed on Thursday, filming the show that gives viewers weekly nightmares is actually a whole lot of fun.

On a special edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live! ingeniously entitled Jimmy Kimmel Live: Behind the Scandalabra, Rhimes released the bloopers, spoke about the finale, and gave the vaguest possible hints of what to expect when (if?) the show returns next fall. The gag reel was the episode's highlight, but the tidbits of information Rhimes revealed her characters' fates were nothing to scoff at, either.

On Olivia taking that plane:

According to Rhimes, Olivia is "not so sure" about cashing in her father's "start a new life" ticket, despite choosing to ignore that call from the White House. "There's possibilities" of the former OPA head to make a return back to Washington, as shown by that "last look" on her face as she stared out the plane's window.

On figuring out Jake's future:

Rhimes revealed that Scandal 's mid-season finale, which saw Jake get promoted to head of B613, almost saw him go down an entirely different path. "There was also a pitch that Jake was chosen by the president to be his vice presidential candidate," said Rhimes. The writing room was split, though, and they ended up filming both possibilities. It was only when Rhimes, viewing the footage, decided that "vice president feels stupid, B613 feels good," that Jake's future as Command was set in stone.

On Huckleberry Quinn:

Scandal has its share of gross moments (brain matter, meet wall), but nothing comes close to the scenes in which Huck and Quinn get dirty. Seeing the two of them lick each other's faces and have sex on car hoods is incredibly disturbing, and apparently, Kimmel agrees. "Have you been reading dirty novels? What's going on with you?" he asked Rhimes, to which she, laughing, responded, "it was romantic for them."

"We [the writers] wanted Quinn and Huck's first time to feel like Quinn and Huck," Rhimes said, before noting that the table that she and Kimmel were sitting at was the exact one where the characters had had sex on Thursday's episode. "We cleaned the table," she quickly added.

On Harrison's fate:

No one expected Rhimes to actually give an answer to whether Harrison, last seen with a gun to his head, survived the finale, but you can't blame Kimmel for trying. "You know I can't tell you whether or not he's dead," she said, adding that killing off any character is "the worst call to make," and believe us, she would know.

The main takeaway from Rhimes' appearance, though, was the blooper reel. The five-minute clip showed off sides of the characters never before seen, including a tongue-wagging Olivia, a dancing Abby, and a Mellie who says "fart" a lot. The reel isn't anything extraordinary — we've all seen badly-slammed doors and butchered first names before — but it's enjoyable to see usually super-serious characters having a little fun. Oh, and Kerry Washington says "penis." Check it out:


Image: ABC