Jennifer Lawrence & Billy Eichner Are Our New Favorite Duo & All It Took Was An Instagram

Some things just seem meant to be. Peanut butter and chocolate, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey — and now Jennifer Lawrence and Billy Eichner, the latter of whom posted a picture with the former, sending us on an involuntary trip into a dream world in which Jennifer Lawrence uses her break from acting to co-host Billy On the Street.

Eichner's already had a whole coterie of amazing guest stars on his show: Amy Poehler pretended to be Pitbull and bombarded New Yorkers with Christmas carols; Paul Rudd got to see if people would have sex with him for a dollar (the answer is yes, Paul Rudd. Always yes.); Lindsay Lohan got to channel her nervous energy and her grief over losing How I Met Your Mother into destroying a car. The list goes on, and adding Lawrence to it would be a whole lot of fun.

Just picture it: Lawrence and Eichner, two gregarious and loud-mouthed pop culture nuts, running around the streets of New York City verbally assaulting people with their own particular brands of brash whimsy. I can't speak for the rest of the world, but that'd be a weirdly specific dream come true for me, like my id come to life.

It seems unlikely that Lawrence would ever commit to a hosting gig after years of non-stop filming on her various franchises and Oscar-nominated films, but we'll hold out at least for a guest spot the next time she's got something to promote or is just bored in NYC. It could certainly lead the way to more Meryl Streep jokes for the both of them.

Billy Eichner on YouTube

Image: Instagram/@billyeichner