Miley Cyrus Sick Again & It’s Bad News For Fans In Amsterdam

Hey European Miley Cyrus lovers, now you get to be upset just like American fans! Reportedly, Miley Cyrus' health problems have returned and she has cancelled her upcoming show in Amsterdam. According to E! News, Cyrus "had a health setback and her allergic reaction issues have returned." Cyrus was set to kickoff her European tour with the Amsterdam show on May 2, but with that concert now being rescheduled, it's time for Dutch Smilers to freak out. Miley Cyrus fans who live in Amsterdam and use Twitter get to be just as pissed as all those American fans she disappointed when she became sick in the first place.

Of course, none of this is Cyrus' fault and it's easy to feel bad for her. Homegirl made it clear that she HATED being in the hospital. (I know. Everyone hates being in the hospital, but Cyrus' was very vocal about it. She basically live-tweeted the entire thing.) Cyrus has also made it very clear that she loves being on tour where she has the comfort of her ridiculous stage costumes and giant tongue slide. She loves what she does and was ready to get back to work. In an interview on Monday with Ryan Seacrest, Cyrus said, "I would feel good. I'd be laying there saying I feel good. Can I go? Can I get back on stage?" Cyrus also said, "I'm not someone that wants to lay down and get 100% better."

Cyrus was released from the hospital on April 24 and was told by doctors that her healing process could take anywhere from five to 27 days. Unfortunately, for her it's taking longer than she hoped. A source who spoke with E! News said simply, "Miley is very bummed about it."

E! News also reported that Cyrus' second date of her European tour may be cancelled as well. That show is on May 4 in Antwerp.

Cyrus hasn't exactly spoken out on the matter herself, but she did post a few tweets that are likely related:

And one with a million crying cat emojis that got one fan fired up about the Amsterdam show:

If I know Miley, a ton of crying cat faces is not a good sign.