Allison Janney Joins Melissa McCarthy in 'Spy' Movie, Adding To An Already Must-See Cast

Paul Feig really knows how to pick 'em, doesn't he? Bridesmaids remains one of the best ensemble comedies of recent years, and now Spy's shaping up to be just as interesting cast-wise. Because Allison Janney's been cast in Spy , and once you've got Janney on-board you've got us on board.

Let's not fool ourselves, though: We were on board with this particular project from the second someone uttered the words "Melissa McCarthy-starring Paul Feig-directed spy movie." That support only grew more intrigued when Jason Statham was added to the cast as an "overconfident yet clumsy spy," more cautiously aroused when Jude Law was added as the "suave superspy," and more confused/excited when 50 Cent was added as...himself.

According to Deadline Janney's role is described as "tough but with a biting sense of humor." Another new addition? Homeland star Morena Baccarin, as a character named Karen Walker.

With McCarthy in the leading role and all of these people rounding out the cast? We've got an interesting, seemingly dynamic lineup here. And as anyone sane knows Allison Janney should really just be in everything, so that was definitely a good call there. And it seems unlikely she'll pull out her famous "The Jackal" bit from The West Wing during the film itself — but hey, there's always the press tour.

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