From 'Boy Meets Boy' to 'Walk Two Moons,' 11 Realistic YA Books That Should Become Movies

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For the first time seemingly ever, the big summer movie this year doesn't involve superheroes, gunfights, or the number two (or three, or four...) in the title. There are no fight scenes, no vampires, no potential for sequels or spinoffs. In a refreshing change of events, the most anticipated movie of the summer season is a tiny indie called The Fault in our Stars , a drama about two kids with cancer. That's it — no zombies, no wars, no Robert Downey Jr.: just two sick teenagers who fall in love. What crazy studio green-lit that?

A smart one, obviously. It's thrilling that TFIOS has garnered such attention, especially during a season where small, intimate movies tend to get crushed by their superpower-wielding competitors. The fact that the film is an adaptation of John Green's YA bestseller, too, is reason to celebrate; realistic books for teens, ones without dystopia, fantasy, or supernatural in the description, seldom get made into movies.

And happily, TFIOS isn't the only realistic YA book getting the big screen treatment in the near future. Gayle Forman's If I Stay will hit theaters in August, and recently, both Green's Paper Towns and Rainbow Rowell's Eleanor & Park were announced as upcoming projects. Here are eleven more YA novels just like them that we want to see become movies. Hollywood, are you listening?

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