'The Voice' Top 5 Are Announced And One Of The Season's Frontrunners Doesn't Make The Cut

Allow me to lay my cards out on the table: I’m in a sour mood. Who’s the culprit? Who's the responsible party? The Voice eliminations. I figured Tuesday night’s episode would upset me (I didn’t want anyone to go home, let alone three people), but I didn’t anticipate it cutting me like it did. The Voice cut me deep.

Carson Daly announced the bottom four: Kat Perkins, Delvin Choice, Audra McLaughlin, and Sisaundra Lewis. I took a deep breath and held it. Sisaundra can’t leave, I thought. She’s one of the strongest and most consistent vocalists this show has ever seen. I exhaled. Everything was going to be okay... right?

The four performed. Kat sang “Barracuda,” Delvin “Young Girls,” Sisaundra “Natural Woman,” and Audra “Done.” Carson rallied the Twitter troops, and the Instant Save voting commenced.

I left the room during the commercial break. I really couldn’t stomach seeing the cursed Instant Save vote tally chart. Not at a time like this. Not when the contestant partially responsible for this performance was in the bottom four. I stayed in the other room until Carson made the announcement:

The Instant Save vote winner was Kat. Before I let my emotions run wild, I will say this: I am very happy for Kat. Kat is one of the more fun and dynamic performers this season. Also? Lady has a killer set o’ pipes. ALSO? Delvin cheering for Kat was ADORABLE.

The exquisite talents that are Audra and Delvin were sent home. This blows, I thought. Sure, their performances Monday night weren’t my favorites of theirs, but they’re too good to be eliminated. I was upset.

And then, something hit me: Sisaundra is leaving the show. I was no longer just upset. I was seething. THIS IS NOT OKAY. A Sisaundra-less final three is not okay. Shit, she could've walked away with the trophy weeks ago. This is outrageous. Egregious. HOW COULD WE LET THIS HAPPEN? What happened, voters?!

Sisaundra is off the show. Wow. I... I need some time to heal.

NEXT MONDAY NIGHT: More performances, I guess. (Yes, I'm pouting.)

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC