How Mason Verger Might Die on 'Hannibal' — Michael Pitt's Stay May Be a Short One

Curse you, Bryan Fuller. The man behind Hannibal has taken so many liberties with the subject matter from which his show is based that none of us can properly make any real hypotheses about what will happen at the end of this bloody season. One of the biggest surprises was the introduction of Hannibal's Mason (Michael Pitt) and Margot Verger and the subsequent changes made to the relationships they have with the other characters on the show. In the Thomas Harris novels, we know that Mason and Hannibal have a rather tense backstory. "Tense," in this case, is a gigantic euphemism; "disgusting" and "vengeful" are probably better descriptions.

But now, not only have we met Mason and Margot, learned about their horrible sibling history, and seen Margot potentially getting pregnant via Will Graham — which a whole separate messed up thing — we also have been introduced to Mason Verger's sadism and his pigs. Mason later in life to try and murder Hannibal, unsuccessfully.

At this point, we haven't witnessed much of Mason's horrifying actions against his sister, but we've heard enough to know that Margot's attempts against his life are kind of justified. Originally, the only reason Margot stopped trying to kill her brother was because she needed his sperm to have a child. But if she has become pregnant, perhaps Mason's storyline will be ending sooner than expected? Here's how it could go down:

Hannibal Kills Mason

In the books, Hannibal is angered by Mason's treatment of his sister, so he takes revenge by convincing him (via drugs) to cut off his face and then Hannibal breaks his neck. Mason later survives but is filled with red, hot revenge against Hannibal. Understandably.

Fuller could turn this storyline on its head and have Hannibal actually succeed in killing the Verger heir, which we know thanks to some photos that popped up on the Internet recently. But the biggest problem I would have with this change of events would be that it would take away the empowerment Margot feels by finally being able to release herself from her brother. Not that I condone violence or killing, but this would be just so triumphant to watch. People are already up in arms about Fuller's decision to have Margot sleep with Will last week, having someone else get the chance to kill Mason could potentially cause some protests outside the NBC offices.

Margot Kills Mason Much Earlier Than Expected

The more likely change Fuller could make is just have Margot commit her moray eel in the throat murder of Mason much earlier in the series and just forget about much of the plot of Hannibal the novel. Perhaps Margot finally gives into the temptation of murdering her brother, thanks in large part to her messed up therapy sessions with Hannibal. If she is pregnant with a male heir, she definitely won't need to Mason around anymore.

Maybe Margot could even change the way she kills Mason from shoving a moray eel down his mouth to feeding him to his pigs. It could be a nice homage to the way Mason tries to murder Hannibal in the novel. It would also be a fitting death since he spoke about the pigs last week as his most prized possessions and because he is currently attempting to train the pigs to eat human flesh based on Margot's clothes and her perfume. Seriously, this guy is the worst.

Images: NBC/Brooke Palmer; Tumblr/kikahippie; Tumblr/oreilysamcro