Is the Justin Bieber, Seth Rogen Feud For Real? Let's Weigh the Evidence

Watson, there's a mystery afoot! The suspects are teen sensation Justin Bieber and comedy guru Seth Rogen, and the mind-stumping question is: Like, do they actually hate each other, or what? Bieber and Rogen are in the middle of a media-frenzied feud, and we need to know if they're actually blooming enemies or not. Rogen has recently been just a tad vocal about his distaste for the fangirl-scream-inducing singer — the words "motherfucker" and "dick" come to mind — and Bieber has come right back at the comedian with a sarcastic dig (he apologized for not "bow[ing] down" to him).

But, are they actually hating on each other or is this just one big ol' prank on pop culture media-dwellers? To investigate, let's travel back to the year 2008. It was a time filled with risque Miley Cyrus pics (courtesy of Annie Leibovitz) and Sarah Palin impressions (courtesy of Tina Fey), but it was also the year in which Andy Samberg and Mark Wahlberg completely tricked us all into thinking they hated each other. Do you kind of remember that? Samberg made fun of the way Wahlberg talks in a Saturday Night Live sketch, which prompted Wahlberg to verbally (and publicly) trash the late-night funny-man. However, the entire thing turned out to be a ploy set up for another SNL sketch. Kudos to them.

So that brings us back to the mystery at hand: Are Bieber and Rogen actually fighting? Let's take a look at the evidence:

Reasons it's fake

1. Justin has made fun of himself before.

In a 2013 episode of Funny or Die's Between Two Ferns, Zach Galifianakis gave Bieber a literal whipping for all of his shenanigans. It started to make people think that Bieber might have a shred of humility in him for being able to take a joke, so this definitely could be a sign that the singer is pranking us all.

2. Publicity for Rogen's new movie.

Just like the Sandberg and Wahlberg stint (probably) increased press for Wahlberg's movie that was coming out at the time, Max Payne, Rogen might be looking to cash in on some free press for his new movie with Zac Efron, Neighbors.

Reasons it's real

1. Rogen seems to genuinely dislike Bieber.

From radio shows to Twitter, Rogen has preached his Bieber hate. On a recent episode of Howard Stern's show, the actor had this to say:

He’s a good example of someone who you meet who you think you are going to hate and then you get to hate him as much as you [thought]…You meet him and he lives up to every one of your expectations of how you hope he’ll be.

2. Justin is a little jerk-ish.

Come on, it makes sense why Rogen could genuinely dislike Bieber. He does a lot of stupid crap.


Our gut says that this feud is for real, but we wouldn't be surprised at all if it turns out to be a giant prank.