Are Beyonce & Jay Z Attending Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Wedding? Let's Speculate!

While of course we care about what's going on at the Kimye wedding, we also really care about who's attending. We were pretty psyched to hear that Mr. And Mrs. Carter — aka Jay Z and Queen B — may be attending, but now it looks like they're not going to be there after all. But wait. Are they..? They still could be, right? Right?! Jay-Z and Beyonce skipped the pre-wedding dinner, so are they skipping the entire event? THIS IS CRITICAL INFORMATION.

Naturally, we need to investigate. Let's look for some evidence to see if this is a last minute ditch sitch or if they're actually attending and just trying to keep it on the D.L.

1. They Skipped The Dinner

Okay, we know they did that, but maybe they were en route to Florence. It's so tough to keep up with Kardashian's (yes, that was intentional) wedding location — Is it going to be in Versailles? Or Florence? In a top-secret location only known to aliens? Bey and Jay are busy; they might be there now!

2. Beyonce Hasn't Posted On Instagram In 2 Days

First of all — NO! How could she?! But seriously, her most recent post was on May 22. Might she not be posting because she doesn't want people to know where she is — as in, skipping the wedding? Then again, she didn't want photos of her at the wedding circulating around the Internet, so we know that even if she was there, we would not get food porn pics from the wedding. If she does attend, don't expect any post party #wokeuplikethis photos, either.

3. Jay-Z Politely Declined Kanye's Offer To Be His Best Man


Jay Z: "I got 99 problems but a Kimye wedding ain't one."

(Kanye is sad. But wait — he's always sad!)

4. They're In Rehearsal For The On The Run Tour... Maybe

Their tour doesn't kick off until June, but ya never know. They could be making more trailers.

5. Even If They Do Attend, They Asked For A No Pic Policy, Remember?

Even if they do attend, we'll never know if they did. And what's more, is that all of this could just be a ploy to get the paparazzi to think they're not there, so that they can enjoy the nuptials and the fancy food in peace.

OR THEY'RE NOT GOING. Beyonce isn't the type to ditch a wedding last minute, is she? But if she is, then poor Kimye, because they've gotten a handful of declines...

But if Bey and Jay-Z skipped, do we really think Kim would care? She's probably more focused on her dress — or Kanye — at this moment.