When Will Chelsea Handler's Netflix Show Premiere? Let's Look at What We Know

By now, you're probably already planning your binge-watching munchies list, but hold thy tongue and perishable snacks ... or, for this one, shall I say, put your vodka back in the freezer! You can't plan an epic viewing party complete with specialty cocktails and miniature hot dogs without knowing when Chelsea Handler's Netflix talk show will air. So, when will it? Sorry, folks, but you've got to wait 'til you watch this filter-less comedienne as a host again — her show is going to premiere between 18 months and two years from now. (But it's okay, you can still make that fancy cocktail list. NO ONE WILL EVER JUDGE YOU.)

The show is set to air in 2016, and as any of us who have ever looked at a calendar can attest, that pretty vague answer gives Netflix a whole 12 months of wiggle room. There is a VAST difference between waiting one day (Jan. 1 to Jan. 2) and waiting much longer (like, Jan. 1 to Dec. 31).

Hell, you can get pregnant twice and have two babies by the time Handler's show airs. I'm not endorsing it, but still. If you want to, you might be able to give birth while watching Handler's new series.

But — given the fact that Netflix's other big series, House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black , air in February and June respectively, it might be safe to assume that the series won't be released during those months. Perhaps Handler's show will air four months after June, in fall 2016, but we've also go to factor in that other major new shows will likely launch between now and 2016. It's to be determined by the powers that be at Netflix.

But for those of you who are itching for an earlier does of Handler once Chelsea Lately goes off the air, fear not, as she'll have a stand-up special and four comedy docu-series, too. And hey — you can always read (or re-read) her books in the interim!

So don't worry, there is plenty more Chelsea Handler coming your way in the near future. Now go back to making your cocktail list!