Mashup of All the Deaths in 'Game of Thrones' Season 4 Is a Sadist's Dream Come True — VIDEO

SEASON 4 IS OVER!!! Join me as I cry and mourn the loss of the season as well as the loss of some of my favorite characters. So many people died this season! This feels nuts to say, considering that in Season 3 the death count, was like, a couple of thousand given the Stark-delineating massacre known as The Red Wedding. But in case you wanted to revisit every on-screen death in Game of Thrones Season 4, this video provides just that! It'll also give you the total death count in the season. How many do you think there were? (Hint: It's not as many as in The Red Wedding.)

Regardless of the numerical death toll, we saw some major players leave the realm this season. In the second episode, we saw the despicable tyrant Joffrey kick the bucket at The Purple Wedding. After we were introduced to Oberyn (and fell in love with his swagger and just about everything else that he possessed), we watched his eyes literally pop out of their sockets. We said goodbye to Ygritte in the most Les Miserables-y death scene ever and, in the season finale, we bid adieu to Jojen (The Love Actually boy!), The Hound, and Shae. We also said farewell to Tywin, as he took his final shit. But what about all of the other warriors and inchoate extras who got their throats slit? Let's take a look just at how many people died on screen.

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I guess that's just some good, old fashioned "valar marghulis" stuff for ya! But now the bigger question remains — who will leave us next season? PLEASE NOT TYRION, OK? Cool. Thanks. Now let's commence our never-ending wait until Season 5 begins...

Image: HBO