Melissa Joan Hart Shares Hilarious Throwback Pic

It doesn't need to be a Thursday in order to have a good ol' fashioned throwback! In fact, we've got a picture of Melissa Joan Hart from the days of yore — and by that, we mean her heyday (although it's never too late for a Clarissa Explains It All reunion! Even if Ferguson looks totally different from how he looked back then— as in, goodbye ginger hair!). This picture features Hart...in costume. Celebrate good times, ya'll.

But while we're reminiscing about Clarissa, let's also jump back in time and briefly consider Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, which is also due for a reunion, even if Harvey looks like a totally different person, too— what is it with Hart's co-stars and their desire to escape their tween show past? Looking at an old pic of Hart just makes you take a nostalgic trip down TV's memory lane. Back when cats could talk...sigh.

Now, Hart is plugging her memoir, Melissa Explains It All , which features stories that chronicle her less-than TV-G rated times as a young Hollywood star. Fortunately, she seems like she has it together now, as it sounds like her drug-addled formative years are long behind her, and hopefully, outfits like this get-up are, too. Take a look:

Clarissa, can you explain that one? The only acceptable explanation here would be "Halloween" or "Star Wars convention."

Image: Imgur