Elena Could Be The Next 'TVD' Tragedy

Prepare yourself for a whole new Vampire Diaries in Season 6. The Vampire Diaries ended its fifth season with a very literal "bang," in the form of a bomb that knocked out the Mystic Grill. (Matt will have to start looking for a new part-time job, I suppose.) Unfortunately for our supernatural friends, the Mystic Grill wasn't the only thing to go: beloved characters Damon and Bonnie were also offed in the finale. Naturally, the person most upset about this was Elena — not only did she lose her best friend for the second time to death, but she also lost the great love of her life. (Well, one of them, at least.) The Vampire Diaries returns October 2, which leaves us plenty of time the theorize how Damon (and Ian Somerhalder by proxy) is coming back and I think that Elena might play a vital part in his return.

We already know that Ian Somerhalder is contracted through Season 6 of the show, and that Kat Graham said Bonnie would be back in some capacity, so it's likely that these two are far from gone. While it's unclear how Bonnie will return (Graham told TVLine that she'll be back, though she failed to give details about the how and why of it all), there's no way that the show is downgrading Damon from one half of Delena to a ghost who sometimes chills with his supernatural friends, Lexi-style. It's just not going to happen, and that means that Damon is going to find his way back to the Mystic Falls gang... and this time around, we think it could be Elena who saves him.

Damon has always put Elena before just about everything and everyone else, and now that Elena has lost Damon, there's no doubt in my mind that she'll try to do the same for him. Unfortunately, it won't be easy to get Damon back — right now, it seems almost impossible. The show certainly won't make it easy for Elena to reunite with her lost love, and given that Bonnie isn't around to make magic happen, I'm thinking that Elena is going to have to be thrown through the ringer to find Damon and bring him home. How could she do that? By dying. Crazy, I know, but stay with me.

The main problem with bringing Damon back is that no one knows where he is. When Jeremy died, the gang knew that he was just on the Other Side, where all the supernatural zombies hung out. Bringing someone back from the Other Side wasn't particularly simple (Bonnie died in the process of bringing Jeremy back), but it was cut-and-dry.

If you were willing to challenge the natural magic of things and make a major sacrifice, you could, in all likelihood, bring a loved one back. Now? Totally not the case. What if, in order to get Damon back, Elena has to physically follow him into the mysterious plane? And the only way to do that is to die? There's no way that Elena would ever give up on trying to get Damon back. Her love is stronger than her fear of the oblivion... which may mean that she is willing to confront that fear head on.

If Elena does decide to find Damon wherever he's landed in death, she may have to go it alone. After the massive death that her friends have seen at the end of last season, there's no way that they will be ready for Elena to sacrifice herself in the hopes that she can find a way to return with Damon and Bonnie. Even Stefan, the only person who might feel the pain of losing Damon as strongly as Elena does, might not be able to stomach Elena leaving without a solid plan of return. Without the support of her friends, Elena could go totally rogue — and, hopefully, prove everyone wrong by successfully bringing back her boo.

After all, what would The Vampire Diaries even be without scenes like this?

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