The Top 10 Style Moments From 'Masters Of Sex'

It's got the ever-awesome Lizzy Caplan taking names as the most complex woman on TV, it's got Michael Sheen garnering much-deserved awards nominations as the similarly complex William Masters, it's got an amazing supporting cast (seriously, how much did Allison Janney make you laugh-cry?) and luckily for us fans? Masters of Sex is almost back... already. Even though it was only off the air for a few months, Showtime decided to move Masters (along with fellow sophomore show, Ray Donovan) up from fall to summer. Thank the TV gods above.

There's a lot to look forward to — all the new cast members, for one: Annaleigh Ashford is returning as a series regular, and Sarah Silverman (who's appearing as Betty's ex and supposedly dating Michael Sheen), and Christian Borle (I miss him even though I don't miss Smash) are set to guest star. Add that to the fact that the recently-released trailer promises more heartwrenching missed signals/gender politics, and you've got yourself a win.

But even with all the critically-acclaimed show has going for it, I'm still ridiculously excited to see more mid-century fashion... so to celebrate the upcoming July 13th premiere, let's take a look at some of the best fashion moments from season 1!

1. Gini's bow-tied blouse

Gini heavily favored pencil skirts paired with blouses with some sort of neck detailing — usually a bow tie like the one above. She looks fabulous in ruby red, and the seersucker tie just makes it pop.

2. Libby's plaid cocktail dress

You can always count on Libby to look like the epitome of class, even when it's just playing bartender for her often-absent husband. The full-skirted plaid is utterly fabulous, and even Aria Montgomery would get a kick out of that statement necklace!

3. Jane's hall marshall helmet

Imagine putting on a helmet on top of that perfect hairdo. Just another reason we all love Jane (so sad that she's not back for season 2, eh?)

4. Gini's dinner party duds

Looks like Gini's been rocking the LBD trend since 1958. I love the tulle detailing on the neckline, and the rosette on the belt.

5. Libby's leisurewear

Can you believe this is the outfit Libby does housework in? These days, this look wouldn't look out of place in a trendy business casual setting.

6. Gini's pillbox hat

One of her chicest outfits all season, and that's saying a lot. Everything from her red pencil skirt to her bowed flats, to her lovely draped jacket, to her gloves, handbag, and hat are gorgeous.

7. Libby's resortwear

Her vacation clothes might have been the best of all! (And I'm still not over Caitlin FitzGerald's knockout performance in that episode, by the way).

8 and 9. Libby and Gini Doubleshot

Their cocktail dresses in the pilot episode were like a sneak preview of all of the fabulousness to follow. I especially loved Gini's garnet-colored strapless ballgown — very Old Hollywood.

10. Libby's maternity formalwear

This has to be the most beautiful maternity dress in all time.