Is "A" Planting Evidence About Mrs. DiLaurentis Death At The Hastings' House On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Because This Seems Too Simple

Well, this is unsettling. ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars Season 5 is doing its best to make fans feel like nothing's what it seems — especially when it comes to the Family Hastings. With Jason DiLaurentis' revelation that Spencer can't and shouldn't trust her father and Veronica Hastings' reveal during "Thrown From the Ride" that she thinks her husband is capable of murder, all signs are pointing to the Hastings having some seriously dirty laundry. Right? Wrong. On Monday night, Spencer put her spyglasses on again and started uncovering pieces of Jessica DiLaurentis' murder around her house, but that just seems too easy for PLL. So, is "A" framing the Hastings?

I'm the first one to jump on a "One of the Hastings is 'A'" bandwagon. When PLL Season 5 premiered I was convinced from the first minute I saw Melissa that she was absolutely "A." I mean, she's just evil and she got back together with creepy, mad scientist Wren, so Melissa's got that going against her too. I'm also the first person to call out Mr. Hastings as looking and acting like an axe-murderer. How has everyone lived with that man for all of these years and not noticed that his behavior is wildly unsettling? But, after Monday night's episode, I'm not entirely sure that he's the one that put Mrs. D in that shallow grave. Here's why:

It's Too Simple

I've said it once — when Ezra revealed that Shana was "A" and then she died a minute later — nothing on PLL is that easy. Otherwise, how will the show survive into it's already-renewed Season 6 and 7? Mr. Hastings has the best motive for wanting to silence Mrs. DiLaurentis, which, for PLL fans, makes him the least likely to have done it. Sigh.

And So Obvious

IF Mr. Hastings had done this, why would he have left rat poison in the family shed that might have been the murder weapon? And what Spencer believes to be Mrs. D's blood pressure pills in their kitchen cabinet? That's just messy for someone who might have gotten away with killing a girl for this long. Spencer found those pills way too easily after Ali revealed that the coroner told her that low blood pressure had something to do with her mother's death. I can only think of one person that would hide evidence in a kitchen cabinet — "A."

In Conclusion

"A" is absolutely planting these clues for Spencer to lead her straight into the wrong conclusion. This is PLL, people, and after four seasons of red herrings and all manner of nonsense, fans know better than to believe what they see is true. Even if Spencer believes it. But, really, when are we going to find out Melissa's secret?

Image: ABC Family