Miley Cyrus Stars In Big Sean's "Fire," But Why?

Big Sean's new video for "Fire" showcases a much softer side of Miley Cyrus than we saw in the literally tongue-wagging "We Can't Stop." Still, there's little doubt that Cyrus was recruited for the video specifically to make tongues wag, as Cyrus — who doesn't sing on the track — offers little more than your typical video girl. Said Big Sean to MTV News about his casting choice, "People lookin' at her like she's twerking and all this stuff, but she's an awesome person and she's cool. She symbolizes the beauty of a lot of women."

Cyrus is no doubt beautiful, but for a singer who has established herself as a strong personality — one who will talk about weed and make out with terrifying things — it seems like a waste to relegate the star to simply a video girl who writhes in skimpy clothes, no matter how good Cyrus looks in them. (And, yes, she does look good.) Not only because Cyrus could do so much more — sing, dance, maybe even act with a shirt on — but because it seems to stand against everything the former Disney Channel star stands for these days.

Cyrus has made clear that she's no longer an object for people and corporations to mold into their own fantasy, whether that fantasy lives in a G- or R-rated world. After watching the former Hannah Montana star grow into her own in recent years, seeing her act as a mute object in Big Sean's music video certainly doesn't scream Miley Cyrus to us.

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