Books, Cake, and Target Bags Are the New Tulle

by Christine Cauthen

Weddings and tradition generally go hand in hand, especially when it comes to the dress. However, in a sea of lace, tulle, and strapless ball gowns, a few people have taken the idea of a "traditional" wedding dress and completely tossed it out the window. More and more people are changing up themes, incorporating pop culture to their ceremonies or breaking wedding traditions completely. There was even a spot-on Disney wedding that's honestly quite brilliant, the bridesmaids starring as classic princesses and all.

Wedding dresses come in all shapes and sizes, as you're well aware if you've ever watched Say Yes To the Dress. Come on, I know I'm not the only one who has seen every variation of this show even though they're still extremely single. From tulle to silk, mermaid gowns to full out princess-style get-ups, there's a dress for everyone. Some brides opt for colors other than white. Some prefer short gowns and others tea-length. Some like floor length gowns, and some want a train that drags for 20 feet behind them. It's your special day, so there's no reason why your dress shouldn't represent you and your unique style taste.

For some, however, loads of tulle and long trains aren't enough to set their wedding dresses apart from the crowd. For those unsatisfied with the silk and tulle and taffeta that fills wedding gown stores from door to door, they can resort to alternative wedding dress materials. And if you've got a gown made out of duct tape or toilet paper, you better believe the Internet will find it. The following dresses have the elegance and class of a traditional wedding gown, but what they're made of injects a little more personality. I can't confirm that people are actually wearing these creations as they walk down the aisle, but they sure are fun to look at.

1. This killer book-page wedding dress

This multi-layered wedding gown is made of various book pages. Some are sheet music, some illustrations, and each layer has tulle along the edge. A simple sash and sweetheart bodice are a modern and sassy touch. What book would you make your wedding dress out of? I'm thinking the Harry Potter series meets Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. Would it totally jinx the marriage to use pages from The Notebook?

2. The wedding dress fit for a second wedding

If this is your second shot at love, this unique dress may be perfect for you. Made entirely of divorce papers, the creator found a way to make all of that wasted paper worthwhile. Turning a negative into a positive is certainly a good thing, and it seems like she took that negative marriage, added a sweetheart neckline with red trim, made a beautiful faux flower train and called it a day. Here's to hoping the second time is the charm!

3. This dress that's obviously perfect because cake

What's the most important part of a wedding? No, not the dress. No, not the eternal love between the bride and the groom. It's the cake. Ok maybe that's just a view of some, but honestly cake is super important. Why not combine the second most important thing (the bride's dress) with the first into an awesome cake gown? You may be stuck in one place all night, sure, but isn't the middle of the cake table a perfect place to be anyway?

4. The wedding dress that reminds us that Target is perfect

This dress is made completely of Target bags. No, not their fashion-forward purses, but literally the little white bags that target gives to customers after they bought toothpaste and shampoo or something. I'm not sure how it was done, but surely some sort of witchcraft was involved. The dress is beautiful, with rouching and a train. The shoulder has a cluster of flowers made from the red bullseyes on the bags. The back has a beautiful cutout and, overall, it's just flawless. Much like how I feel about Target in general.

5. A Wedding Dress That Really Lights Up The Room

One way to make sure all eyes are on you? Turn off the rest of the lights at the venue, and let this LED dress shine.

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