Traci Might Win 'Little Women: LA's Bride Battle

Just because the women that comprise the cast of Lifetime's Little Women: LA are equally awesome, doesn't mean they all get along. At least, not all the time. In Tuesday's episode, soon-to-be brides Traci Harrison and Christy McGinty will face off as the cast attends a wedding convention. If that competitive spirit has continued on past the convention, Christy probably isn't very happy because while there are few details about her wedding, Traci's is just a few weeks away.

Don't worry, Christy is definitely still engaged to Todd Gibel, she just hasn't said much about the wedding itself. Technically, neither has Traci, but thanks to the magic of the Internet, we were able to learn a little more about her upcoming big day. It seems that Traci will marry her fiancee Erik Tsou on Aug. 17, which is just a few weeks away. At least, that's the date listed on the couple's Sur La Table wedding registry and (empty) Pottery Barn registry.

It's not much information, but it's something. We'll likely learn more about both Traci and Christy's weddings in the next few episodes of Little Women: LA, since this week will focus on the wedding convention, and future episodes will continue to include storylines about both weddings.

It's impressive that Traci found the time to plan a wedding. The actress has been attending California State University, San Bernardino in the hopes of eventually becoming a teacher for child actors on movie sets, letting her combine acting and teaching.

But Traci managed to pull it off, maybe with the help of a friend and Little Women: LA costar. The only thing we really know about the wedding besides the date is that Traci's maid of honor will be Little Women: LA's Terra Jole, as Traci shared in a sweet Instagram post recently.

Let's just hope Terra doesn't give a surprise performance of "Booty Bee" at the reception and steal the spotlight from the bride.

Images: Lifetime, tracirharrison/Instagram