Are Redheads Going Extinct? 11 Hot Celebs Who Prove We Can't Let Red Hair Die

I've always had a thing for gingers, so I was particularly disturbed by the news that global warming could cause redheads to become extinct. Setting aside the horrifying fact that climate change might wipe out an entire hair color, red hair is just so gorgeous and I would hate to see the rare breed of human die out.

For those of you who are into the science-y aspect, here's the deal: Red hair is thought to be an evolutionary response to the limited sunlight in Scotland, where the population is 13 percent redheaded (as opposed to about two percent of the entire world's population). The hair color supposedly allows people to "get the maximum vitamin D from what little sun there is," according to the Daily Record. If sun exposure in Scotland increases as predicted due to global warming, redheads could become extinct within the next few centuries.

Sure, this is all suuuper speculative at this point, and I'm no scientist so I can't attest to the validity of these claims. I can, however, attest to how freakin' smoking hot gingers are. For those of you who still don't agree that Rupert Grint was the steamiest member of the Harry Potter cast, I've rounded up a list of the 11 hottest celebrity gingers (real and fake) to prove just how important redheads are to the human race.

As if we needed another reason to get serious about global warming.

1. Isla Fisher

Fair skin, flaming red hair, and comedic prowess to boot. Dream woman or what?

2. Julianne Moore

This woman is 53 years old. Come on.

3. Rupert Grint

Try gazing into those eyes and not falling into deep, deep lust. The ginger bangs don't hurt, either.

4. Alyson Hannigan

The HIMYM finale may have left a bad taste in my mouth, but I will never go sour on Alyson Hannigan who, let's face it, is always going to be Willow Rosenburg in my heart.

5. Eddie Redmayne


6. Emma Stone

Okay, fine. Emma Stone is naturally blonde and therefore safe from extinction. But she's still definitive proof that red hair = sexy.

7. Ed Sheeran

I mean, DUH.

8. Amy Adams

That fabulous bun would be yawn-worthy if Adams was, say, blonde.

9. Kevin McKidd

He may have broken Christina Yang's heart a few times as Owen on Grey's Anatomy, but we can forgive Kevin McKidd since he's just so damn dashing.

10. Christina Hendricks

Again, not a natural ginger. But I'm counting her.

11. Jenny Lewis

My lady-boner for Jenny Lewis is pretty embarrassing at this point but, really, that hair.