Wanna See Him Ride a Horse on the Beach?

by Lia Beck

When I woke up this morning, I had no idea that I would go on to see Zac Efron ride a horse on the beach as though he's a tough city cop turned Western sheriff in some movie that totally doesn't exist, but probably will in the next two years. But such is life and these are the things we stumble across during a normal day in today's world. As you might have heard, Efron has been enjoying an Italian vacation with his maybe-girlfriend/definite-person-he's-kissing, Michelle Rodriguez. Apparently, when he isn't canoodling in a boat or doing some sort of strange wiggle dance, he's riding a horse in the most majestic way possible.

As glorious as this horseback riding is, I can't help but be reminded of Vladimir Putin. He has ruined shirtless horseback riding forever. Second to Putin, I'm reminded of Justin Bieber and his shirtless equestrian escapade. So, basically, things haven't been looking too great for shirtless horseback riding as a whole. Hopefully this Zefron photo with it's perfectly splashing water, beautiful backdrop, and it's Zac Efron-ness (if you're into that) will give you better associations for topless dudes riding horses going forward.

While the horse photo is a recent development, Efron has been spotted with many animals in his time: cats, puppies, hedgehogs, snakes — the list goes on. Here are a few of them to get that shirtless Vladimir Putin taste out of your mouth:

With a Horse

What? Why? How? Who does this? I mean, I know Zac Efron does, but still. Being like, "Oh, I'm in Italy with my kissing buddy the actress Michelle Rodriguez, so I guess I should take this opportunity to ride a horse shirtless through some water," is so ridiculous to me. Efron's life and mine are wildly different.

With a Hedgehog

This was clearly for a photo shoot, and I've gotta say, more photo shoots should include hedgehogs.

With a Dog

A dog with sunglasses, I might add.

With Another Dog

An Efron with sunglasses, I might add.

With a Kitten

That kitten doesn't look too happy about this. It must not like the ridiculous title-that-is-also-a-tagline this movie tried to make happen.

With a Cat

Well, sort of. I say it counts.

With a Snake

Does PETA hate Zac Efron? I'm pretty sure it does.

With an Owl and...Chipmunks?

And bunnies in his pockets?! What is this madness?

Who decided Zac Efron needed to be with animals at all times? After seeing all of this, that horse picture doesn't seem as impressive, does it?

Nah, it's still pretty good. And look, Michelle even joined him for a with-shirts ride!