Emma Watson Finally Joins Instagram

Stop everything, because Emma Watson is on Instagram. Okay, maybe I shouldn't get too excited. Thus far, the star has only posted one picture and it's an announcement for her recent appointment of UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. But she's a pretty active Twitter user, so we know there is potential there. Who can forget the time she slammed 50 Shades of Grey by tweeting "Who here actually thinks I would do 50 Shades of Grey as a movie? Like really. For real. In real life.” So her sass level is high, and it's time for Watson to channel that through pictures.

But since this is her first time on a photo-heavy social media site, I have some advice for Watson. She should post fairly often, but not just about work stuff. I understand that Instagram is an important tool for promotion, but it's also a way for us to see behind the veil of celebrity and get to know Watson as a person.

But hey, she doesn't have to take my word for it. After all, there have been a lot of celebrities before her that she can choose to emulate and those whose posting styles she should steer clear of. Here's Emma Watson's cheat sheet of five stars she should and shouldn't be like on Instagram.


James Franco

The world only needs one James Franco account, and it maybe doesn't even need that one.

Selena Gomez

Every day she posts another "cryptic" picture, sending blogs on a wild goose chase to figure out whether or not she's still with Justin Bieber. Although I appreciate the chance to use my imagination to figure out what she's up to, I think one puzzling celeb is good enough.

Justin Bieber

The shirtless selfie trend needs to die unless, like, Tom Hiddleston wants to do one.

Any of the Kardashians

This clan boasts some of the least humble Instagrammers out there. We want more for Watson than that.

Jill (Duggar) Dillard

The 19 Kids & Counting star loves to flaunt her marriage on social media and it's making me feel weird.


Anna Kendrick

Some days she's really glamorous posting her red carpet gowns and some days she's sarcastic as shit. The balance of classy and sassy that Kendrick has going on is definitely something to copy.

Amanda Seyfried

The star of this Instagram is her dog, Finn. While sometimes a bunch of puppy pics can get old, Seyfried's pooch is incredibly entertaining and personable. I don't know if Watson has a pet, but were she to get one, this is the account she needs to emulate.

Kendall Jenner

She's the exception to the "don't post like the Kardashian family" rule. Emma Watson has been known to have killer style and we want to see more of it. Jenner is good about putting up pics of her outfits outside of awards shows so we can see what she's wearing in her day to day life. Watson needs to start doing this too.

Mindy Kaling

She should be everyone's role model. Her Instagram is equal parts pretty and quirky which keeps things interesting for her followers.

Lena Dunham

Sometimes Dunham will post photos of herself on the toilet, but most of the time her Instagram is a combination of her love for feminism, her dog, and unique fashion all in one space. Watson should feel free to explore the world beyond standard selfies and outfit snaps and step into the world of quirk, co-starring Dunham.

Images: Emma Watson, JamesFrancoTV, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Scott Disick, Jill Dillard (2), Anna Kendrick (2), Amanda Seyfried (2), Mindy Kaling (2), Lena Dunham (2), Kendall Jenner /Instagram