'The Fosters' Needs To Get Rid Of Dani Before She Really Ruins Brandon's Life

This just isn't working for me. There's been a lot happening on The Fosters — Jude's LGBT storyline, Callie's meeting the Quinns, and Stef's trying to figure out Mike's issues. So, even I forgot about how absolutely terrible Mike's live-in girlfriend Dani is for everyone on the show. On Monday night, The Fosters reminded us that Dani is indisputably the worst and, even though I never thought I'd say this, thank god for Brandon because he might have just gotten her out of here.

The Fosters has been convincing us that Dani is the worst since her introduction in Season 1 and at this point in Season 2, she's got enough strikes against her to have me convinced that she has to go now. One of the first things we learned about Dani was that she was never really sober — meaning that she's been lying to Mike since they met in rehab. And it's been all downhill from there, culminating in Monday night's episode where she basically guilt-tripped and blackmailed Brandon into confessing that they'd slept together.

Yes, you actually just read that sentence — a grown woman manipulated a teenage boy to stay quiet so that she could continue her effed-up relationship with his father. Dani basically told Brandon that he did this to Mike and that confessing would only make things worse for everyone than him living with the crippling guilt. Is this woman a sociopath? Yes, she absolutely is. But the worst part about all of this is that Brandon's life has really been looking up lately and here he is, left to make the biggest decision of his life, being crushed under this crazy bitch's guilt-trip.

Thankfully, after eating a magic pot brownie in the woods, Brandon freaks out, calls Lena for help, and finally spilled the beans. And I was proud that he realized that he had the power in this situation to make things right and to get rid of lying, cheating, manipulating Dani for good. But this will only work if The Fosters actually kicks Dani to the curb and doesn't let her start claiming that this was all Brandon's idea. Not that we would believe her, or Stef and Lena for that matter, but Mike's in a tough spot right now and I could see him attempting to take her side. Which would absolutely ruin everything for Brandon.

Dani's clearly proven that she doesn't deserve to be here and that she's a legitimately crazy, sociopathic, child abuser. Just let her go, Fosters, because I can't take it anymore and Brandon absolutely shouldn't have to either. Please.

Image: ABC Family