When Is Eva Mendes Due? She & Ryan Gosling Will Be Changing Diapers Very Soon

In early July, the world as we know it changed forever. Hearts shattered across the country when news broke that Eva Mendes is pregnant with Ryan Gosling's baby. That despair quickly changed to an obsession, as the Internet used whatever technology available to figure out the future appearance of the child. Of course, only time will really tell what this bound-to-be-beautiful baby's face will actually look like. (Beautiful.) So when is that baby due? Eva Mendes is expecting the child in October, People reports. This makes sense since, reportedly, she's already seven months along! Still, for someone that pregnant, she hides it well. Back in February, there were rumors the couple broke up because they weren't seen together. But maybe she was laying low to hide her baby bump? After all, she hasn't been photographed at an event since March.

Technically, this isn't the first time couple is having a baby together. The pair played parents in the movie The Place Beyond the Pines, which is where they first met on set in 2011. Before Gosling, Mendes wasn't interested in marriage or kids, but apparently her perspective has changed. A source told People, "With Ryan things are different … She’s very independent but she’s content with her partner. She finally found the person she really wants to be with."

That makes sense. Who wouldn't want to settle down with RyGos? If anything, there's an entire Internet willing to volunteer as tribute. But they can back off since Gosling is already a father-to-be and most likely will be a great one.

Sure, being a dad is hard work. But he's up for the challenge.

Do you think he's nervous?

See, this is the role he's been waiting for. Congrats to these soon-to-be parents!

Images: Shemazing.net, WiffleGif, FanPop