'Big Brother' Caleb Was A Model Before He Became the Show's Creepiest Houseguest — PHOTOS

Just a couple of weeks ago, it was discovered that Cody on Big Brother had a modeling past — an underwear modeling past. Let's just say Cody is really good at his job and leave it at that. Well, it turns out Cody isn’t the only model in the Big Brother house (well, actually a lot of them have modeled before, but this one is surprising). Who would have thought that Big Brother’s resident Beast Mode Caleb Reynolds was also a model?

Caleb has been one of the more controversial players inside the Big Brother house this far in the game. We’ve seen him completely obsess over Amber for the past three weeks, to the point where he offers himself up for eviction to save her. His Instagram also came under scrutiny when bigoted comments and a video of him beating a hog to death were reportedly found (his account has since been deleted).

But regardless all of this, Caleb still hopes that he will have glowing career waiting for him once he gets out of the Big Brother house. The only thing I think he’ll have waiting for him is a restraining order from Amber, but that’s neither here nor there.

I like that Caleb knows his range of talents, he doesn’t believe in selling himself short. He is a triple threat, equal parts actor, pool player, and singer. But the only career move Caleb didn’t mention wanting outside of the house was modeling. Well that’s because modeling is so 2000-and-late for him. Check out these pictures of Caleb pre-Big Brother.

The beach volleyball picture:

I’m with Debbie on this one. The girl modeling with Caleb is a hybrid between Rihanna and Amber. Also, why are they on a beach volleyball court?

The football gear picture to end all football gear pictures:

So pensive. So modest.

Images: CBS