'Ladies of London' Star Noelle Reno Is A British Tabloid Queen & 7 More Things to Know

Out of all of the women on Bravo's Ladies of London , Noelle Reno might be the one working the hardest to make a name for herself in British society. This season, we've seen her desperately try to snag an invite to the exclusive Serpentine Summer Party, mine Caprice Bourret for advice, and attempt to get her name in the tabloids for something other than being the girlfriend of notorious property magnate Scot Young. However, Noelle's involvement in the baby shower drama between Caprice and Caroline Stanbury and the ensuing explosion in Monday night's season finale is certainly going to knock all her social climbing back a notch or two.

Noelle has had a lot on her plate to keep her busy during the filming of Ladies of London, but not nearly as much as she does in real life. The woman has pursued so many different professional avenues, you would think she's trying to be Caprice or something. But real talk, isn't she actually trying to be Caprice?

With all of the drama Noelle serves up on Ladies of London, both from her personal life and with the other ladies, it seems only logical for Bravo to bring her back if there's going to be a second season of Ladies of London, which fingers crossed that there will be. Since Noelle is hopefully going to be a part of our lives for a long time, here are eight vital facts to know about the busiest lady of London.

She's a tabloid queen

We all know that Caprice has never met a tabloid she didn't like, but Noelle holds her own by getting her name in all the papers, too. Now that she's dating Scot, who is going through a very public and expensive divorce in the U.K., Noelle's name appears everywhere his does, which is a lot of places since this story couldn't get any juicier. Even before she dated Scot, Noelle gained a lot of attention as the girlfriend of another high-profile businessman, Matthew Mellon, a member of the Mellon banking dynasty and ex-husband of Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon. Now that Noelle is starring in Ladies of London, she's at least getting into the tabloids more for herself, which is kind of an improvement.

She's originally from Seattle

Although Noelle sounds like she took dialect lessons from Madonna, she's one of the Americans on the show, having grown up in Mercer Island, a city to the east of Seattle. However, she didn't always love her hometown. "It almost seemed like I never connected to the humdrum of Mercer Island," she told the Mercer Island Reporter. "I had a difficult time growing up there purely because it felt like suburbia can stifle individuality." However as the Instagram above proves, Noelle occasionally still shows her Seattle pride.

She was a model

By age 13, Noelle scored a contract with Elite Model Management, and this was her ticket out of Seattle and the States. She brought her smize to modeling gigs all over Europe, Asia, and Africa.

She was an actress

Noelle moved to Los Angeles with her mother after her parents' divorce during her late teens. She took acting classes, scored an agent, and eventually starred in commercials, including one for Mercedes Benz. She also appeared in two low-budget horror films, Devour , which also starred Supernatural's Jensen Ackles, and Ice Queen , which surprisingly does not star Caroline in the title role.

She's educated

Noelle earned a B.A. in Communications from Regent's American College London. This year, she returned to her alma mater to speak to the graduating students. It's always nice when things come full circle, isn't it?

She's a TV personality

noelle reno on YouTube

Noelle is a current host, or presenter as it's called in the U.K., on FashionTV. She's also been a fashion correspondent on shows like Live with Gabby.

She knows the business of fashion

Caprice better watch out for Noelle because she's really trying to get her fashion ventures off the ground as well. Noelle co-founded the luxury cashmere label Degrees of Freedom with then-boyfriend Mellon, before selling her shares to him right before the financial crisis in 2008. She then helped found the ready-to-wear label Z by Zandra Rhodes with the titular veteran fashion designer. Noelle was also a partner of Lulu's Estate Jewellery, which buys and sells fancy jewels. If that wasn't enough, she also consults and acts as an ambassador for brands, such as CH by Carolina Herrera and Bentley.

She writes

If watching Noelle's words of wisdom on Ladies of London isn't enough for you every week, you can also find her tips and tricks in writing in places like The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, and House of Fraser's blog. It's only a matter of time before she pens, or gets a ghostwriter for, a tell-all book.

Images: Rebecca Miller/Bravo; noellereno/Instagram