'Bachelor in Paradise' Free Spirit Lucy Sings About 'Men Tell All' & It's Hilarious — VIDEO

The best thing to come out of Monday's weird Bachelorette: Men Tell All episode is that Lucy Aragon, the Free Spirit, is back with another hilarious song. She charmed us all on Juan Pablo's season with her penchant for nakedness and carefree attitude, but she really won us over when she wrote a song about Juan Pablo and his contestants. Titled "Ess Okay," the upbeat ukulele tune took a playful poke at JP and the ladies with lines like, "You may be the first El Bachelor Latino, but all of America thinks you're totally mean-o" and "[Andi] left on her own and it was all for the best; she probably didn't want to take the Florida Bar test."

The so-called "Bachelor Reject Anthem" was totally hilarious, so when I heard Lucy was back to singing about the show, I was thrilled. The special Men Tell All tune goes decidedly easier on Bachelorette Andi Dofrman, reiterating that everyone is more liked than Juan Pablo. The song starts out with the line, "Andi's a gem, that's why she got her own season, and if she sent you home I'm sure she's got a good reason."

The number also adopts some of Andi's signature phrases like "staahhhpp" and "y'all." And the chorus reflects the cheerful nature of the frat-boy season saying, "No hard feelings, things will work out in the end. I hope that y'all can still be friends."

But for those craving more of the Free Spirit's signature sass, know she does poke fun at some of the guys with lines like, "Bukowski showed up, a reality TV whore, but Andi wouldn't even let his ass in the door."

Plus, she totally nails exactly how we feel about Cookie Monster Marquel when she sings, "Marquel could have been The Bachelor 'cause he's so nice, so what the hell is he doing on Bachelor in Paradise?"

All in all, the song is totally on point so check it out for yourself below:

Lucinda Aragon on YouTube

Images: ABC; freebeacon