Khloe's Fueling Those Pregnancy Rumors

Just so it's clear, I think that all the past rumors about Khloé Kardashian being pregnant cursed her last relationship, and I totally don't want to contribute to that so these few paragraphs are all I will dedicate to analyzing this Instagram photo of Khloé resting her hand on her belly. Yeah, it is definitely pregnancy pose-ish, and not in the "Oh, my hand just landed here" kinda way. Instead, it's more like, "A bun's in the oven and I want the entire Internet to explode with anticipation!!!" sort of way. But please everyone, can we just allow the speculation to end here because like everything else these pregnancy rumors previously touched, the future of her relationship will most certainly turn to ruin.

Honestly, this call for action (or non-action, rather) doesn't stem from me being a huge fan of the youngest Kardashian dating French Montana. However, it comes out of genuine concern that she really wants to be a mother. Even though Kardashian willingly shared the photo, everyone chiming in on "Is she or isn't she?" only makes me feel like a black cat will slink across her path, or she might accidentally walk under a ladder. And once again, she'll be forced to pick up the pieces of a relationship gone sour, all while maintaining her composure in the face of public scrutiny as well as the Keeping Up With the Kardashians camera crew. Call me superstitious, but the Kardashians have a psychic on call so I can't be the only one who maintains the belief that in a lot of situations, unseen forces are hard at work.

Here's the photo for anyone interested in any further potential baby bump analysis, but as for me, I can't... I've probably already done too much damage.

Image: KhloeKardashian/Instagram